May 1, 2017

Kitchen Cabinet Paint

So excited to do this post. I've been wanting to change the paint on my cabinets for quite some time. I loved the cream but since I have two toddlers their fingerprints show all over the light colored cabinets. I was tired of scrubbing down the doors and drawers. I knew I needed to do with a little bit darker color so it wouldn't show their little fingers. I've been loving grey lately. I'm obsessed. I have a grey couch, pillows, blankets, it's out of control. Anyway, so I decided with grey.

Lately, I haven't been that happy with Home Depot's paint matching abilities. I'm also not that happy with Lowes quality of paint. I decided to go try Benjamin Moore paint. It seems anytime I was on Pinterest and I loved a paint color it was from their line. I Bring you HC-167. Also known as Amherst Grey:
It wasn't too dark or too light. Just right. I love it. I couldn't be more happy with the quality and the true grey color. I bought one gallon of paint. I've painted the front of all the cabinets and I still have some paint left (I hand painted). This stuff is amazing. They also keep a record of the paint you buy so they can help you out if you forget. 
Now before we get ahead of ourselves. Let me tell you how I started on the cabinets. I told they guy at the store I didn't want to have to do multiple coats...including priming them. Now, I sanded, primed and painted my cabinets the first time. The guy at the store said as long as I sand really well then I wouldn't have to do a base coat. Que: Hallelujah!
I just used a simple hand sander like this one:

I sanded down both sides of the cabinets. Then I wiped them all down with a wet washcloth. It was a mess but it worked great. 
See the mess? I keep it real guys. ;)
After I got everything sanded and I mean every corner and crevice. Then everything was wiped clean. I started to paint. That's the fun part. 

I start in the crevices of the cabinet, then the center and then work toward the outer corners. This cabinet, I was painting while it was hung. I was in a bit of a hurry. I didn't do that with all my doors. The other ones I simply painted the back side first. Let it dry over night. Then painted the front side. I did this because if there were any mistakes I wanted them to show on the backside first. I put my cabinets on tin cans to dry. It didn't cost anything since I already had them and it made it easy for transport. I did take a picture of this paint drying technique....but I can't find the pic. :( But, I think you get the idea. 
I used a great brush that the man at Benjamin Moore suggested. I know it made a big difference on how smoothly my paint went on. 

You can buy it on Amazon cheaper than I did in the store HERE
So, after the cabinets were sanded, wiped clean and then painted, my husband put all the cabinets and hardware back up. Let me tell you, I don't know about other bloggers because this is never really covered much but it's hard to put the cabinets back up. It's very difficult to get the doors and the hinges all working properly. Even if you do use the same holes the hardware really fights against you. If you're going through this, you're not alone. You just have to keep on working with it. That's the best advice I can give on that subject. 
All painted and in the middle of putting the cabinets back up. 

 In love with this color. Honestly, I never thought I would have a dark cabinet color in my kitchen but it's warmer and cozy. It's also a lot easier to keep clean and brings more texture in the cabinets. 
You may also notice, I painted my kitchen walls white. More on this to come. ;)

On this last pic you can see how used and scuffed the counters have become. On the next post we will say goodbye to the chalkboard counters!! :0 
I know, I know, but it as never supposed to be forever. It was only a temporary fix. It lasted so much longer than intended but we are moving on. I can't wait to show you my new counters, Stay tuned. 

April 10, 2017

Gold Hardware for the Kitchen

I know it's been awhile since I've posted. Sorry about that. But I have good news. My kitchen is done and I can't wait to share all the pics with you. Hopefully, along the way you will get some ideas and some ways to cut corners to save money on your kitchen reno.

We left off last time with changing some elements of our kitchen cabinets. They looked a little too outdated on the bottom with the wave like detail and so my husband and I found some molding to cover it up and make it look more updated.

This time around I'm showing you how you can buy some inexpensive drawer pulls and make them in custom color. Now, I loved my silver cup drawer pulls. But, Since I'm using cool paint colors I wanted to warm up the space and have a little pop against the cabinets. So, I wanted sleek bar pulls. Gold bar pulls. The gold or brass.....whatever you want to call it are twice as expensive. So I decided to paint them.
These are the pulls I purchased:

Then, I purchased my paint. That's my favorite part. I actually came up with a better way to paint them as well. I can't wait to show you. But first I had to have a base coat. I knew these pulls would get a lot of wear so I wanted to make sure to paint them correctly. 
I used this base paint:

I used a styrofoam board and toothpicks to raise the handles. I wanted to be able to get all around the handles to paint and this was great. I highly recommend trying this method out. It was so easy to get all around the pulls for an even coat. Here's how they looked after one coat:

 Then I did a coat of my favorite Gold paint.

 Then I finished with a top coat to protect from fingerprints and wear. I was really impressed with this spray paint. 

Oh and did I mention the best invention in spray paint ever? 
Rustoleum Sprayer is the best thing ever. I used to get blisters from using spray cans but not anymore. This little puppy only cost around seven bucks. Totally worth the money if you are a DIY'er. You can get it HERE.
The grip is comfortable and I feel it gives a better constant spray. LOVE. 

We purchased them on Amazon. I won't say they're the greatest but they work. We just used the existing holes on all our cabinets so it was a fairly easy switch out. I'm really happy with how everything turned out. 

So here is a little sneak peek at the kitchen. 


November 14, 2016

Kitchen Updates!

It's been a long time coming. I've been working on my kitchen for about a month. Because of the rain and holidays and kids school schedules it's been difficult to finish my kitchen projects. I'm finally coming to the finish line and I can't wait to show you how everything has come together.
Here is a little teaser of one of the things we did to our kitchen to update it.
I've been wanting to update the cabinets for awhile now. The bottom of them has always seemed a bit country bumpkin. Since I'm going to be repaiting my cabinets I thought it was time to do something about it. We've toyed with the idea of covering them and as I was digging around in my garage one day I found the perfect solution. 
L molding! A strip of wood in the shape on an L. I like this because it more encased the bottom of the cabinets and I know it would be more sturdy than simply nailing a wood slat over the cabinet. I immediately got to work. Now you can buy them fairly inexpensive already primed but since I already had them in my garage I figured I'd use the regular wood. So essentially this update cost me $0! 

I did have trouble with the wood splitting and I did have to cover up the nail heads with wood filler and then sand but in all it was a success and I love how it looks. I can't wait for you to see them freshly painted. They look like they've been that way forever. Sometimes you just need to add a bit of trim to make a difference.  
I hope you enjoyed this post I'll be posting more of our kitchen soon. 

August 24, 2016

All the Goings on.....

I'm sure for most of you school has started this week. It has for my Kindergartener as well. It's been a lot easier of a transition than I thought. Anyway, because of this I am going to be able to concentrate on my blog a little more. I really do miss it. I had a busy summer as I'm sure did you. It was nice to take a break even from decorating. Sometimes you get into a rut. I'm starting to come to the end of the tunnel and I see grey cabinets. :)

    Yes, I'm going to be repainting my cabinets. Before I can do that though I need to replace the hardware. No there's nothing wrong with the hardware on there right now but since I'm going grey, lol then I would like gold hardware. I'm going to show you every step of the way. I've been wanting to update my kitchen for some time. Here are a few inspirations from Pinterest:

kitchen details:
Via Pinterest

brass details:
Via Pinterest

dream house: those dreamy brass fixtures.:
Via Pinterest

the colors of the lower cabinets and wood floor seem right. seems a little bland without black framed windows, other minor black details like trim on lighting, and other light oak wood accents in accessories - the white may be too white.... and  i may prefer the lower and upper cabinetry to be the same color:
Via Pinterest

I'm actually thinking about keeping the top cabinets in my kitchen the same cream color. But who knows I might love the grey so much I do the tops as well. I think that will be a game time decision. I've already picked out the grey color and have the hardware pretty much ready. Now if this southern weather will be more accommodating then we will be on a roll. My next post should be on how I made my hardware gold. Yes, it was satin nickel when I purchased the you can follow along when I paint the hardware. ;) Wish me luck on the cabinets. I'm thinking they will be painted in the next two weeks (fingers crossed about the weather). I hope to talk to you soon.


May 26, 2016

The Itch

Every now and again I'll get the urge to rearrange everything in my house. I don't know if I get the Spring cleaning bug or what but I just get tired of the furniture and the decor in the same place. I'm getting that itch now. I've already switched a few things around my house from when I last posted about my living room. Needless to say I've been getting a few inspirations from Pinterest. Here are few ideas:
DIY Beverage Bar /
Isn't this the cutest little bar. I'm seriously having some fridge envy. I can't tell you how many times my husband has filled up our refrigerator with a ton of sodas leaving no room for real food. I also love the idea of a coffee station. I plan on doing this in my kitchen as soon as I find the right buffet. I've been scouring Craigslist but haven't come up with anything yet. I'll keep you posted. 
Her hutch makeover was complete!  
Via: Craft Crib

I've been considering painting my bottom cabinets in our kitchen a grey color. What do you think?
I'm also loving the sleek gold handles. Aren't they gorgeous. It brings a bit of warmth to the space and a pop. I'm not sure my husband would be too happy with me wanting to change out all the hardware in the kitchen. That can be expensive. We'll see. 
Among other things I would also eventually like to upgrade our countertops. Which I know I have some pretty awesome chalkboard counters. Honestly, it was only supposed to be a temporary thing until we got stone counters. Since they've held up so well and look amazing and are functional we haven't pushed to update that section yet. But like I said I'm getting an itch. ;)
I plan on doing an update on how my counters look today and possible actual pictures of me fixing spots or adding a coat. I haven't decided whether I will need to do that yet or not. 
As you can see I'm a little on the fence but things will be changing soon and I'm going to take you along for the ride. 

March 28, 2016

Happy Easter! 2016

It's been a long time since I've been on here. I know I've taken a little bit of a hiatus for the past year. Honestly, I think I was burned out on all the DIY and home makeover stuff. I pretty much ate and breathed it for over eight years. This past year I've been concentrating more on myself. I'm trying to get healthier and fit. I haven't reached my goal yet but I've been sticking with it and am very happy with my results so far. Thank you for being patient with me during this time. I do have a few ideas on somethings I want to work on the house and I'll share them with you as they progress.
Here are a few pictures of my Easter. I hope you had a good one.

I bought these adorable shirts on So cute Vintage shirts with their names on them. Love. 

My kids had four Easter egg hunts this past week! Talk about spoiled. This one was taken at the grandparents. 

This fun Easter dress was purchased from It has the most unusual animals adorning it. I love the colors, so precious. 

I just went crazy at the dollar section in Target and filled up their baskets for under $20 per basket. Gotta love Target. Their baskets are from Pottery Barn kids. The bunnies were a big hit. 

Waiting to go hunt for eggs. They were so excited the Easter bunny came. 

Oddly enough we have a bunny living in some brush in our backyard and made a perfect entrance for Easter. The kids couldn't believe the Easter bunny was still in their backyard. ;)

Easter breakfast with cinnamon roll easter bunnies. It was a cute treat that my mother in-law found on Pinterest. 
I hope you had a great Easter and I plan on doing more posts in the coming months. 
Thanks for sticking around. 
And as always,

October 9, 2015

My 6 Month Hiatus

I haven't posted on this blog for awhile. Honestly, it just started out as not doing as many projects as I used to do. Then I began to really concentrate on me. As a Mom I feel we are pushed and pulled in so many directions. We sometimes forget about ourselves in the process. My blog was one of the things I did for myself. As time went on and I had less and less projects I was working on. It began to feel more as a chore and I felt I had to come up with things to post. I feel my blog should be very organic and not pushed or fake. I decided not to pressure myself to come up with things to post. I think you as readers know when there is a fill in post or some irrelevant article. I don't want to waste your time or mine just to be current. I had to check out for a bit and I found in the 6 month hiatus that I have a lot more interests and I've become a better person.
I was able to concentrate on me and I have so many different hobbies now. I am a healthier person as well. Over the past 6 months I've become a runner and have a gym membership. I lost a total of 33 lbs. I don't know if I will be doing a post on this weight loss journey simply because I just did it the old fashioned way. I changed my eating habits and got off my rear and started exercising...a lot! Maybe later on down the line I will do a post but today I just wanted to say hi. Tell you where I've been and what I've been up to. I have missed you.
Besides becoming a runner I've also taken up the guitar. It's something I've always wanted to try. My wonderful husband bought me a guitar for Mother's Day and I've been checking out a few Youtube videos......I'm mostly just having fun with it.

My husband and I also took a trip to Colorado this year. Estes Park to be exact. It was beautiful and the animals are everywhere.....right in downtown if you can believe it. However, I did get altitude sickness. I would definitely love to go back. 
I think this picture says it all. 
Yes, that is snow. It was unseasonably cool at that time. It was actually snowing when we left. 
I've also become an avid reader. I've probably read over 50 books this summer and I haven't stopped reading one day since February. I never realised how much I loved reading. I pretty much average a book a day now. I am a little obsessed. 
I guess I really wanted to do this post now because I feel like it's an important message to send out...... Sometimes you have to take a break, pause or stop and smell the roses. I feel like I've rediscovered myself. I felt a bit in a rut and I can tell you now I feel like a more rounded person with varied interests and ideas. I think I got caught in the everyday routine of being a wife and mother that I forgot myself as an individual. It took a break from blogging and some time out to find myself again and I like myself so much more for it. Since I have taken up the guitar my kids have also become interested in musical instruments. Because of my new interests I've introduced my family to different things and I am so much happier for it. 
As the holidays are approaching I do plan on doing some posts in the near future. Thank you for sticking with me.