May 31, 2011

I don't have a Green Thumb.

 I love plants but I can't make anything stay alive more than a two days. I never remember to water. Until recently I have never liked fake flowers. I always thought they collected dust and just looked tacky. After spending an afternoon at a Hobby Lobby...which really takes a few hours to look through everything they have, I noticed some very realistic flowers. I saw a beautiful planter that was fairly cheap. I won't say who....but the person with me at the time didn't think I could create a flower arrangement on my own. I just had a vision in my head that I believed would really add something to my living room. I bought the flowers, planter & even some small plastic pears. To my surprise it turned out better than I expected. I look at this fake plant everyday and it really brings joy to me. Not only is it beautiful, I accomplished something I had never done before and showed someone that if you have a vision and the gumption to create you can really surprise yourself and others.

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