May 31, 2011

Why March Orchard?

I chose the name March Orchard because of the book Little Women. Of course the March family live in Orchard House alas the name came to be and it feels pretty cozy don't you think?
I have been wanting to do a blog for some time but am not the most technically savvy. I finally found this site that makes it very easy.
So.....who am I? I live in Texas and am a new Mom. Although just typing that I feel a bit old. That is probably why I still call myself a girl, lol. I am sure you girls know what I am talking about. *wink*
Well, I love to paint, read and create things. I am wanting to learn how to sew but am having a difficult time finding me a sewing machine. I am looking for a brother (fairly new) and easy to use. My first project will be a decorative pillow. I'll post a pic if I ever find the sewing machine. Craigslist hasn't provided me with one yet.
Well, that's me in a nutshell as they say. I am a bit of an old soul with a new twist on life.
Welcome to March Orchard!

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