June 15, 2011

Got Corks?

Recently I have been inundated with a lot of wine corks. I have been putting them in jars and glass bowls. There is a certain beautiful quality to them. I still have tons more and was wondering what to do with the rest. Well, low and behold I got a catalog in the mail (redenvelope.com) and they had a tray and trivet made out of corks.
It is a very cool twist to update your kitchen. They are charging $39.99 for the tray or trivet and then you have to buy the corks separately for $15.99! Well, I figure I can just make one myself and save the money.
I have an idea.......I can make the trivet out of an old wood picture frame. I just need to hot glue the corks to it and take off the brace in the back and maybe cover the back with an Ikea cork place mat. CHEAP.
Well, that's my plan anyway. I haven't found a frame yet so I will post pics soon when I find one and finish the project until then here is a picture of some corks. :)

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