June 1, 2011

My First attempt at Upholstery.

My family comes from a long line of seamstresses. In fact one of my ancestors worked in an overall factory. Well anyway, my grandmother made all of us grandchildren quilts and so eventually I would like to get to that level, but for now covering an ottoman will have to do. :) You gotta start somewhere right? My Aunt used to have her own upholstery store and her daughter is a master as well. I am a little too embarrassed with my skills to go to them. I'm a kind of learn as I go person anyway. I learn by doing. So here is my attempt at covering an ottoman. I covered it over the existing fabric since the ottoman needed some fluff.

The fabric came from Joann's. I believe it's outdoor fabric. I wanted something that was a little more durable. It's very soft though. I really loved the pattern. I am going for a blue living room, kinda beachy. My next sewing assignment will be some pillows for the couch.

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