September 22, 2011

Sorry, it's been awhile.

I don't see how these other Mom bloggers do it. They take care of their kids and husband and write a blog. By the end of the night I am just exhausted. I do have to admit I have been checking out other blogs. I have found this new one that I like a lot.
She just posted a recipe for Pumpkin cookies that look divine.

It's getting me in the mood for fall. I do have to admit I have been slowly taking out my Halloween stuff.....I have already ordered our costumes for this year. (I wish I could make them with my sewing machine but I don't have the skills yet)
I will be posting a wreath I made myself and I am quite proud of, with a tutorial on how to make it. SUPER EASY. Looking forward to spending fall with you. Now, who wants apple cider?
And as always ENJOY!

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