October 3, 2011

Halloween Fabric Wreath

You start with a wire wreath $2.99
I used five various fabrics totaling about 2 yards

 I got all these fabrics from Joanne's, they were on sale too!!
I especially love the Trick or treat pattern. So classic.

 My fabric was 18 inches in width and 1/2 a yard long. I made 1 inch cuts along the side of the fabric so it would make tearing easier. You can adjust this to your liking but the thinner the width the more tying!
Now take out some frustration and TEAR! :)

Your piles should look like this:
I do recommend a fabric that looks beautiful on both sides since you will be seeing front & back. 

Start tying knots one after the other until you have a cluster. Like you see below. Don't worry about how it's looking yet, you can adjust & trim the fabric after you tie it to the wreath. 

Just keep going around until it's all done. Fill in any gaps if you need to and then it will look like the picture below. I actually trimmed mine after I took this picture and am a lot happier with it. I added a witch decal to the Wreath in the top picture for $2 also from Joanne's. I would say in total with the fabric it cost about $16.

I hope you Enjoy your homemade wreath as much as I do. 

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