December 28, 2011

Bathroom remodel

Ugly Ugly Bathroom


The Cabinet was partially painted & everything was original to the house when we bought it....including the counter-top.

The Floor, I can only describe as cottage cheese. It was yellow in color and bumpy. Needless to say the floor was one of the first things to go in this bathroom. It was a lot of fun destroying this ugly space.


New smaller vanity, granite counter-top, floor & toilet. The walls were painted a calming green color to warm up the space with all the white. The floor is stick tiles, I think they were on sale at Lowes. If I remember correctly I think it cost us about $60 for the whole floor. 

We kept the original tile in the shower since it was in great condition but we plan on glazing it along with the tub one of these days. The green paint color seems to go well with the color of the tile. I believe we bought this mirror from Lowes for a decent price. All of the hardware is an oil rubbed bronze. We added track lighting to add more light. It's so very spa like to me. I love this bathroom more than our master bath. It might have a little to do with the fact that our bathroom doesn't have a bath tub in it. :( 

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