January 3, 2012

Burp Cloths!!

I don't know if I have posted about this before but I am having another baby. It's so exciting! We are going to have a boy. I have all the pink girly things, now I get to get some blues in our house. Our baby is due in April so I am really feeling the rush to get things ready for the little guy. I had my girl a month early and we haven't even started on his nursery yet. I have everything picked out just not bought or put up. 
Anyway, one of my resolutions this new year is to get ready for him and have him be healthy and happy.
So, I am starting on getting ready. I purchased some fabric this weekend to make burp cloths. Now, I didn't do this with my little girl for one, I didn't have a sewing machine & two, I was too busy thinking about having my first baby. I'm planning on taking my time and enjoying the process this time and I want to show a little love for my new baby. And so making a long story short...I'm making him burp cloths! Whew. 
So here it goes:
I read on this blog how to to do it. :) She does great tutorials. I cut my fabric 10x16 like she said. I used chenille instead of terry cloth because I got a great price at Hobby Lobby! 
Here is my first attempt at making burp cloths. 
I think I did a pretty good job. I have a few more to go and I ordered some really cute fabric on Etsy that I couldn't pass up. So If this little guy is a spitter upper I am going to be ready.
NOTE: I have very little experience with sewing so don't be intimidated at all. If I can do it yatta yatta. These would make great gifts for a Mom to be too. Who doesn't love getting handmade things? 
OK, so that's one thing crossed off my list of a zillion. 


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