February 9, 2012

I Heart Etsy

Etsy has been around for a little while. At first when I was introduced to it, I didn't get it. I wasn't a big fan of knit and handmade items. But after being bored one day on the internet I found out what it was all about. 
It's really a place for true artists of today. It's not just items from the United States either. I have ordered many things from China and even Paris. It's been a haven for me to find vintage toys I used to play with and be able to buy them for my daughter to play with. You can also get great ideas for crafts or things you can make yourself. 
This shirt I plan to make for my son for his first birthday. It was a great idea I got from Etsy!

Did I mention you can also buy supplies on there too?
This fabric would be great to make a baby blanket with. And most of the prices are so reasonable. I love it!!
I get so many decorating ideas on Etsy.
I was thinking of buying this alphabet decal for my daughters new big girl room. I just don't know if I have the wall space anymore, ha ha ha. 

I am going to get this for her room! How precious is this? I love that's it's handmade. This will add some character to her room. I wouldn't even mind it in my room. LOVE!
Well, I just thought I would share some of my fav things about Etsy so maybe if you don't know about it or you don't get the website maybe you will now. 

Hope you find things you love on Valentine's Day!! 

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