April 2, 2012

Star Wars Nursery

I have finally taken some pictures of the Star Wars Nursery I've been working on. It's still not finished but it's ready for the baby, so I thought I would share the pics and get some feedback.
I didn't want it to be too commercial looking. I wanted it to be well thought out and simple, but fun too. I like the vintage Star Wars look not the new Clone Wars that you see all over Target. Ick. So here is my attempt at a vintage Star Wars Nursery. :)

I found these letters at a antique shop for only $2.50 each. We are so excited we are having a boy. The shelf we already had and was actually free, given to me by my Mom. Thanks Mom. :) I think she found it at a Tuesday Morning on sale. The blankets are from Marshalls. I didn't know Marshalls had such great baby stuff but they do. So reasonable too, I think they were $9 for both.
The two Star Wars Characters: Darth Vader and Chewie are from Barnes and Noble. 
I looked on the website thinkgeek.com but their plush wasn't as baby friendly and I didn't want to pay for shipping. 

 This mobile was purchased from Etsy. It was a bit pricey but exactly what I wanted. I probably could have made one but I like how simple this looks and if it falls it can't hurt the baby.

These Block Letters were pretty pricey from Restoration Hardware, it was my one real splurge. But I wanted his initials up in the room and I really loved this vintage look. 
These two Star Wars ships are from thinkgeek.com, They weren't too expensive either.
 I am missing the At-At, might have to get that one for him soon. 

This Millennium Falcon is over the changing pad for him to look at and comes from Etsy as well. It is a decal and was a little tough to put on but I have a very patient husband. :) Doesn't it look great?

This Pillow cover is from Pottery Barn. LOVE IT! The R2D2 is from Barnes and Noble. I got the bumper from Target on Sale. The sheets are from Babies R Us. I decided to go with a brown and blue theme and it was very easy to find things to match.

We got these movie posters which are mounted on wood from Craigslist for an awesome price. Don't forget to check your local Craigslist for vintage Star Wars stuff....that's part of the fun. 

The quilt hanging on the side of the crib is from Pottery Barn Kids as well. I really designed the room around this quilt. It's called the Kingston quilt. It was on clearance at their website. You could also check on Ebay they sometimes have discontinued items from the outlet stores that have never been used. 

It's still a little bare but I haven't come across anything yet that I like enough to put in his room. I'll post more pics as I add more things in the room. 
UPDATE!- I did a recent post about how the room has evolved you can take a look at it HERE

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