May 17, 2012

Vintage Finds

Just recently I have been interested in vintage items for my home. I really love the worn and traditional style and have been wanting to incorporate it in my house. The only problem is I don't know where any vintage shops are where I live. I was able to come across one a few weeks ago. I got some great finds and here they are:
After looking on Pinterest, my new favorite website I got the idea to put up plates on one of the larger walls in my house. I always have trouble filling up space on the wall and I was so excited to find these plates. I am not finished with this project. I would like to add more and maybe a platter in the middle, but it's a start and I am very happy with how it's coming out so far. They were also on sale!

I found this cheese dome. Don't ask me why but I have been wanting one for awhile. I think they are so neat and different to decorate with. The store put the shredded sheet music in it, a nice touch I thought. 

I bought this mirrored tray to add femininity to my side of the bed. I love it. I still need to add a few things to it and eventually we will get wall sconces but I just haven't found any I'm crazy about. It's off to a great start though. 
Believe it or not I purchased all this in one day over two stores. I love great finds like these, it's the thrill of the hunt really. 

Oh and in case you hadn't already guessed, since my lack of blogging, I had my son in late April. Here is our  handsome boy:

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