June 24, 2012

Ice Cream Party

This weekend was my daughters second Birthday! Gosh, the years are just going by it seems. Well this year her theme was Ice cream! It was such a fun party. I ordered an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins which was amazing. My daughter picked out the flavor Rainbow Sherbet, colorful & tasty.
A lot of the ideas I got for her party were straight from Pinterest.
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Lots of goodies for everyone, young & old.

Left to right: Chex Mix, Dum Dums, Nutter Butters, Goldfish & Raspberry Lemonade. 
I had little goodie bags people could shovel Chex mix in to but no one really used. 
I used an Apothecary jar to put the Dum Dums in. I purchased the paper straws from Here .
They have daily sales but you have to be quick they sell out pretty fast. I got the poke-a-dot goodie bags from there as well. 

Nutter butter cookies with pink icing. My daughter loves peanut butter and just in case any of the little ones didn't want ice cream I was sure to have cookies too. This was quick and easy to do. It took me literally five minutes. 

The favors! $1 buckets from the dollar store with mallow pops, candy, swimming goggles & necklaces. 

The cake, and yes it was as yummy as it looked. I was able to pick out the 6 flavors that went on top too. 

We are enjoying our summer so far, hope you are too. If you have any great ideas for kids parties I would love to hear them. 

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