June 5, 2012

Making it Home

I've finished a couple of projects that I have wanted to do for a long time. One of them was a moss covered monogram. I thought I would be able to just buy one but have you seen how much they cost? But it was also hard to find a letter big enough to make a statement. Well, I came across one that would work at Tuesday Morning, and it was also on sale. I bought some moss from Joann's and it was finished within thirty minutes. 
It was a pretty messy project. The glue got everywhere and I had moss all over my hands and floor. I am very happy with how it came out though. 

The next project I wanted to get done was a curtain for our front door. Since the tornadoes ripped through Texas all these contractors have been knocking on our door and since I am a stay at home Mom I am usually home. They could peek right in to our house and see that I was home and I didn't feel very safe. Plus, since we were having another baby I knew I would nurse from time to time in our living room, right in view of the front door. So, I decided to make a curtain to cover the window. 
Our door is solid mahogany and cost a pretty penny so I didn't want to put any holes in it. I decided to use one of those peel and stick hooks that are easily taken off. We already had a small curtain rod we used for our little girls toddler quilt. I had some scrap fabric that I knew would work with the room and I was ready to go. It was much easier than I thought it was and turned out ten times better. I only needed to sew the top of the curtain to slide the pole through. Again it only took thirty minutes. 
I know these seem pretty simple but it's the simple things that really make a house a home. Sometimes it only takes thirty minutes to make something special. These items really made a difference in my house. I look at them everyday and am very proud on how they came out, especially since I just started sewing a few months ago. Hope this inspires you to start a project in your home. 


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