July 6, 2012

Blog to Blog

               I've been checking out a lot of other blogs and getting some pretty nifty ideas. All these women are so amazing, I don't see how they find the time or energy for such elaborate tutorials and crafting while raising a family. Which is why I only blog at least once a month. Plus, when I do blog I would like the posts to be something interesting and not just fillers. I'm always anticipating what these ladies have to say so I thought I would share a few of the websites I like going to.

These are only some of the blogs I like to visit from time to time. They inspire and give me great advice which I hope my blog will do someday. 

Of course every woman alive right now is obsessed with Pinterest. I thought I would share a few images I have pinned this week. 
love this
I love these neutral colors and the lighting.....not to mention the cabinets!

shower curtain vallance
How beautiful is this bathroom and yet so simple too. 

3 tier wire basket for essentials
What a great idea!

White and green
GORGEOUS! I love this. Wish my table could look like this. 

As Always Enjoy! Have a great weekend!

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