August 20, 2012

Back To School

A lot of children are starting school this week. Although my children aren't old enough yet it doesn't mean I haven't got the fever for school supplies. If you have been following my Pinterest account then you have seen me post a few backpacks like these:

From Pottery Barn Kids on Clearance right now!

This Backpack is from J. Crew

I have to say when I was younger it was all about the backpack....the new pencils and erasers were ok but backpacks and clothes were the most fun things to get for school. 

I have suddenly seen a new trend of teacher gifts. I don't remember it being that huge when I was younger, I do remember getting my teacher a small Christmas gift but all over Pinterest are new ideas and gifts for teachers. The ones I like best are:

The Monogrammed Rulers and Stamp from Pick your Plum
I have also seen custom notepads that are adorable. 

I am also dying to get these Alphabet cards for my little girl's room so she can start learning her letters.

You can get it Here

I love this time of year. The holidays are going to be soon approaching us and I am already looking towards them. Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? I love to get mine done early. I always get the best presents when I shop early, it seems I have more time to really think about the person and what gift they would like. Don't get me wrong I love summer. Swimming is my favorite but it's nice to look forward to holiday traditions and spending time with family. 
I hope your summer was wonderful!
And as always Enjoy! 

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