August 3, 2012

Set Design 2

Right after I put up yesterdays post "Set Design" I realized I had forgotten a few and wanted to add some more movies to the list. I also wanted to include movies that make me want to get decked out in fabulous clothes and get out of the house. :) 

So the first movie I knew I had forgotten was "You've Got Mail" which was written by the late Nora Ephron.  Gosh, she was a great writer. You should check out all her movies they are so wonderful. You might also recognize some of them: Sleepless in Seattle? When Harry met Sally? Yea....that's her. Brilliant! 

To the set design: You've Got Mail!

The bookstore has got to be my favorite. Gosh, does anyone want to open a bookstore with me? I could just spend my whole day there admiring all the woodwork and books. 

Ok, so here is another Ephron film: "Julie & Julia"

Ok, so it's really Julia Child's kitchens and homes but still Julie has a bit of a quirky style. Gotta love that French style. And if you've seen my kitchen you know I have "Bon Appetit" in big letters over my sink. 

There is also "Haning Up". Another Ephron picture. 

Here is a Spanish style house again set in California. New York and California have amazing style don't they. But I think the South has a unique traditional vibe all on it's own, wrap around porch? Yes please! 
I also love Meg Ryan's hairstyles in this one too. She sure is beautiful. I think I love the long hair the best. 

Of course some of the other movies that inspire style are the obvious: The Devil Wears Prada & Sex and the City. But I wanted to list ones that may not be so well know or considered. 
I love all the hairstyles in this movie, even the guys, lol. 

I wish I could do an updo right now. 

Leap Year

Ok, so half of the movie she's soaking wet but when she's dry she looks amazing. I love her hair.

Morning Glory

Rachael McAdams can do no wrong in my book. Oh and look at that picture of her in that nude colored dress. Wow! I'm also wanting those wellies, too cute. 

You might want to also check out The Women, The Notebook, Marley and Me, Letters to Juliet, He's Just not that into You & Because I said so. Yea, I know a lot of chick flicks but that's why we love them. 

As you can guess I have all these movies and they are all great to watch. So if you have nothing to do tonight check them out on Netflix or at your local video rental store. Do they still have those? 

We should totally set up a Movie club. I mean there are a million book clubs but what about appreciation of movies? I would be up for that. Plus it's less commitment. It only takes two hours of your time. Oh we should. Who's up for that?


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