August 1, 2012

Set Design

Have you ever noticed sometimes while you are watching a movie how the characters surroundings look fantastic? Their homes are immaculate and decorated so beautiful. It also gives me ideas on what I can do for my own home. Here are a few of the movies you should watch for some great ideas:
First of all any movie by Nancy Meyers is going to look fantastic.

All these pictures above are from Something's Gotta give. It makes ya want to move to the Hampton's huh?
The set designer is Jon Hutman. He also worked on It's Complicated.

I love all the warm tones, you can tell you're in California. Every piece of furniture seems worn in too, like it's really someone's house. 

Here is Father of the Bride 1 &2. Don't you just love the nursery (last pic). That would be my ideal nursery....I would even take that as a master bedroom. Some of the other Meyer/Hutman movies you might want to check out is: The Holiday, The Tourist, What Women Want, & The Time Travelers Wife.

You should also check out Laws of Attraction, I love Julianne Moore's apartment in that movie. I can't find a decent picture though. :(

Are there any movies you can think of that inspire you to decorate? 


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