September 19, 2012


I mentioned a week or so ago about wanting to try the WEN hair care products. I am happy to report I bought a bottle from QVC. I checked out the WEN website and it makes you sign up for a monthly membership, which I was not ready to commit to. I heard from a blog that someone bought it from QVC and after checking the price compared to Ebay I bought from them.
I ordered the Fall Ginger Pumpkin Conditioner, just to get in the mood for fall.
It smells so yummy!
I was so excited to try it and so I hoped in the shower and for once didn't use any shampoo. It felt a little weird not having to lather but really work the conditioner in to my hair. 
I didn't brush my hair afterwards or dry it. I let it air dry and went about my evening. I woke up this morning to silky soft hair. I don't think my hair has ever really been this soft. I usually have frizzy split ends but no more. Just using the product once! These results are truly amazing. I am already completely hooked. 
It is a bit pricey, with shipping and everything the 16 oz bottle ended up costing me around $37. But if you think about all the products it replaces and what it does to your hair, it's worth it in my opinion. 


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