December 28, 2012

After Christmas Sale

I hope you had a very nice holiday. Mine was one of the best. It was my sons first which is always fun and exciting. My daughter is now the age where she can open her own presents. The whole month of December was special.

Well, since Christmas has come and gone now the sales going on are just amazing. I went to a few places the day after Christmas: Hallmark, Target & Marshalls. I pretty much bought everything at Target. I only bought one thing at Hallmark and sadly I don't have a picture of it because I left it in my Mom's SUV. :( I will Instagram it for you this weekend if you are interested. My instagram tag is: mrscbarnes. I didn't buy anything from Marshalls. I actually returned an item.

Here are a few of the items I purchased from Target:

I have been looking for silver and gold baubles to go on my tree for next year and this was perfect. It's not your usual run of the mill set. I love the acorns and pine-cones. They are so lovely. I think these ended up being around 7 or 8 dollars with the discount.
This knit pillow I have been eyeing for awhile now but it was $25 and I just couldn't see spending that much on a small pillow like this. I grabbed this puppy up for $12.48. :) It was the last one at my store too.

-Note: I printed out a $2 off any holiday decor item from Targets website awhile ago and was able to use it on this pillow. I don't know if the coupon is still available but you might want to check.

This table runner I was eyeing the day after Christmas and I didn't buy it. Then I went back a few days later and it was 70% off so I picked it up for $4.48! I am probably going to use it more than just for Christmas. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but it has gold flecks in the burlap. Love it!    

                                                                                          I got this gift-wrap half off. The green one is actually 200 ft of wrapping paper. It was $6.50 so it was regularly $13. It is reversible though and I actually like the other side better. It has a red plaid on the back. I got the other two for $2.50 at 45 sq ft.

And last and not really considered Christmas decor but I thought I would include it since it was 50% off:

I thought these little faux plants would look great in the kitchen or a bathroom and for only $4.98 I thought it was a steal. :) 

I would love to know what you bought after Christmas and all the deals going on. Leave a comment below and we can spread the sales to everyone. 


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