December 11, 2012

It's Christmas Time!

I don't know about all of you but I love decorating for the holidays. I loved it in school when my teachers did it in the classroom and my Mom always went all out for Christmas. I wish I had more pictures of that. I also worked at Hallmark for awhile and that may also contribute to it. : )
Anyway, I start decorating on Thanksgiving. I think of it as a way to burn off all the food I ate. Sorry it's taken me awhile...but here is a small taste of how my house looks during Christmas, que Nat King Cole singing Merry Christmas.

Our Christmas tree. I love adding ribbon it just gives it that little something extra. I believe I got this ribbon last year after Christmas at Target for a very good price. The ribbon says "Merry Christmas". There is a bow at the top that you can't see, you might on my last post. It was all lit up in that previous picture and looking very festive. 

This is our entry way area. There is a book on this table called "The Red Suit Diaries" by Ed Butchart about a Santa and his many encounters with children and adults, how they changed his life and how he changed theirs. Wonderful. Pick this up if you have a chance. 
Also on the table I have a Santa & snowman checkers set. I think I may have gotten this at Target a few years back. It's fun to bring out the games around this season to get together and have some fun. 

I love decorating with Christmas ornaments. This brightens up our buffet table. I'm surprised our two year old hasn't tried to get some of these out yet. 

My Christmas mugs. The snowman one I keep Sweet & Low in. The "Santa's Mug" we put out on Christmas eve for the big guy himself and we have a plate for his cookies. My Mom used to have this wonderful tin tray she would put the milk and cookies on. I always liked that idea. I haven't found a tray comparable to that one yet. 

My Santa Cookie Jar. I LOVE THIS. I am a baker and this is usually full of cookies all month long but I haven't had time for it this year. I got this at Hallmark. :) They have a promotion going on right now with a Snowman one. You might want to check that out. It's very cute an inexpensive. 

Yes, I have stockings in our kitchen. It feels all cozy though doesn't it? I have all these Christmas bowls everywhere to hold goodies in. Which reminds me I need to get some Hershey kisses from the store. 

Well, I  hope this mini tour helped to spread some Christmas cheer & I would love to know all of your Christmas traditions you do in your house. 


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