February 18, 2013

Downton Abbey Viewing Party!

I had the most fun on Sunday night with a wonderful group of ladies. We were all a buzz about the finale of Downton Abbey. My Mom had pre-ordered the Blu-ray and so we were able to watch it a little earlier than usual and clearer than it is displayed on regular programming. Spoilers are to follow at the end of this post. :)
I wish I had taken more pictures of the soiree but alas I was too engulfed in all the discussions concerning our dear characters Sybil and Mr. Bates. :)
The invitations I designed for the occasion. I love making invitations for parties, it's so fun. In fact I have started to sell some of my creations on Etsy Here

This is just one of the treats at my home. Iced brownies from Target on sale from Valentine's Day for only $1.50! You can't beat that. We also had shortbread cookies, Scones from Panera Bread and one of my lovely guests ;) brought Champagne preserves and a Cadbury medley. Were we spoiled or what?  

We had a wonderful array of teas to choose from. Much thanks to my Mom for bringing the most wonderful tasting tea. Everyone loved the PG Tips!

This is part of the spread. I had all my tea cups in a row and my large tea pot filled with boiling water. I am so glad everyone drank tea. I know there are not many hot tea drinkers out there anymore. I was basically raised on tea. I still have my Peter Rabbit tea set that my Mom bought for me when she was in England many years ago. One day I hope my daughter will love tea as much as I do. 

This teapot full of roses welcomed everyone to the desserts. I sadly don't have a picture of that spread but next time I promise I will. :) we might just have to have another one of these viewing parties. It was just so much fun. 

Spoliers: OMG! I can not believe the last few minutes of the show. Everything was going so wonderfully. What did you all think of the show starting a year later? I thought it was a bit odd but very glad that Mary was expecting. I don't really even want to speak about the end. 
Did you know we will have to wait another year before the next season comes out. UGH! If they were going to make us wait that long they could have let it end properly. 
I heard that this episode was actually the Christmas special that played in England. 
Well, I hope you enjoyed the night as much as I did. 
Please leave a comment below telling me your thoughts on everything. 
And as always......


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