February 25, 2013

Green Cabinets?

I painted some of my kitchen cabinets green. I know this sounds weird and doesn't sound like it would be a very good idea but it turned out beautifully and so I will show you how this all came about. 

I was on Pinterest, I know, lol. I found this picture of a kitchen painted a creamy pale green color: Below
I was actually pinning it for the cake stands used as book storage but it got the idea of green cabinets in my head.

Then I saw this picture:
green frames in hall bhg
I absolutely love this green color. It reminds me of a country club, which I practically grew up in one. It's such a neat idea to brighten up a space. Then it clicked!! In my kitchen nook there is a row of cabinets and it always seems to look so blah over there. It's just cream and black. There isn't much color. I always try and decorate it around the holidays but even that doesn't perk it up much. But this green would be perfect. I went to Lowes that following weekend and found the color in allen + roth section. The color is called Clubhouse (ar1905) , go figure. :)  You can visit the website Lowes to see the color sample online. 

Here are the after photo's:
Just finished the second coat. It took about three to get the color that I wanted. If you want to see my "before" pictures, I don't really have a picture of this section, I thought I did which is why I didn't take pictures. But it was the same color as my kitchen cabinets which you can check out in my Chalkboard Counter-tops post

Drying, and starting to look pretty good. 

All the hardware is back on. Doesn't it look fabulous? I love it so much. It makes me smile every time I go in there now. I think this color will look great for Christmas too. I am still debating whether or not I should paint the baseboards green as well. I think it looks pretty crisp without the green on the baseboards. What do you think? 

Let me know what you think of the green. I would love some feedback. I am very happy with how it all came together. I did have to put many coats on it. We went with a Satin finish. 


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