February 14, 2013

Tweaking the Living room

My living room has pretty much stayed in the same arrangement and has not changed much over the years. Sometimes it can seem a bit drab after awhile. This past weekend I knew exactly what I wanted to do. In my living room we have a platform area. Side note: Our house was built in the late 70's. :) It's supposed to be a dinning area.I made it more of an extension off of our main living area. It's my little sitting area. 
Recently I came across a mirror on Pinterest. I had been looking at sunburst mirrors for awhile but didn't want to spend over $50 and most of them are at least $60. I clicked on the mirror and it lead me to the Home Depot website. It was $35!! 
"Honey, we need to go to Home Depot this weekend." YES! I finally got my mirror and for the price I wanted. 

I also needed some drapes for this area because it needs some softening up, a little bit more sophistication. I wasn't having any luck finding drapes until Target. They were having a huge sale on their drapes. Most of them were 30% off. They are pretty reasonable as it is and then for them to go on clearance. I scoured the aisles and didn't really see anything that would match my living room. Then my eyes met some aqua thermal drapes. Not the color of my living room.....but that is a nice color for my bedroom. The curtains from my bedroom would match wonderfully in the living room. PROBLEM SOLVED!

So here is the finished product. I am really happy with how it turned out. Now on to the next project!


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