February 1, 2013

Valentine's Day Banner Tutorial

I saw THIS Banner on Groop Dealz for $9 plus $3 shipping, so $12. It's just felt sewn together. I could totally make this, I thought, and for less. This past weekend I got 3 different colors of felt to make this banner, two sheets of each color. I bought white, pink & red, it cost me $1.75 at Michaels. 

You will also need scissors and a sewing machine. I was going to use a pencil to draw out the hearts on to the fabric but that didn't work. :) You might want to use twine, you'll see later. And you'll need some white thread. 
I started cutting out little hearts, I didn't use a template. I just free handed it.

 You can also fold and cut to "cut" down on time.....pun intended. 

Shortly I had a sewing table full of little hearts. 
Note: I did cut out 3 different sizes of hearts: small, medium & large. 

Sewing time! I laid out two hearts on to the sewing machine and just sewed a straight line through both of them adding hearts as I went. Every time I added a new heart I would raise the lever (I don't know the actual name of this part) and position the next heart over on top or under depending on the size of the heart itself. Before I actually started sewing I laid out some hearts how I wanted it to look: red, pink, white. I had to repeat that to myself to make sure I didn't mess up. 

The banner started taking shape. LOVE!

Since this pink heart is small and sandwiched between two larger ones. I put it on top so it wouldn't drown underneath them and vice versa for the Larger hearts. 

I finally got to the end and needed to poke a hole through the last heart for my twine to go through, so I could hang it. 

I pricked a small hole so it wouldn't be obvious. 

I decided to use red twine. 

I slipped it through the hole and did the same on the other side and it was finished. In all it took about an hour to do. It only cost me $1.75!! 

Here is the finished project. Isn't it pretty. It really makes a statement in my living room. I absolutely love it. (I didn't need the twine after all) The holes are there if I need them or in case I decide it hang it elsewhere. I used the left over hearts as confetti on the buffet table below. 
I bought my babies some mailboxes from Target for only $1! I put some Easter basket paper in the cloche. Vuala, It looks like Valentine's Day!


I hope this tutorial was helpful. If you have any questions or need help with anything let me know. Please leave a comment down below. I would love to hear from you. 

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