April 29, 2013

A little Boy's Mustache Bash

My son turned one recently and so we invited the grandparents and the great-grandparents over to celebrate a fun little mustache bash. I had always thought my son's first b-day would be a Star Wars themed one (hence the nursery theme). After some debate I thought that it would be best to save that one for later when he can really enjoy it. I finally decided on throwing him a Mustache Bash after I saw These Plates! 

I loved the colors too. They are so easy to decorate with. Plus, when he looks back on pictures of his first birthday he won't be embarrassed. 

Here are a few pictures of the day:

I made this tassel garland using this tutorial. It was very informative and easy. It is the least expensive decoration with the biggest impact. I love it. I clipped pictures on the garland of his past year. Wow, the time has flown. I had a little trouble finding the foil paper, it's very expensive online. I found mine at Party City. Don't buy one from Etsy, make your own. It only cost be about $5 to make. I already had some blue twine lying around and the rest was just time to make it. 

I had pretzel sticks, cheeseballs, popcorn from a gourmet popcorn place and rootbeer! I tried to pick out what every guy would like to snack on. I do think they were a big hit, especially the popcorn. YUM! The popcorn bags are just regular brown paper lunch bags cut half way down and then I drew mustaches on them with a black marker, so easy. 

I went a little crazy with decorating the kitchen. I picked out four of my husband's old work shirts and buttoned them up around the chairs and tied the arms in the back. It looked so cute. I them hung up a small tassel garland to go behind the birthday boy for extra cute pictures. I put some of my husband's ties on the chandelier and the hooks on the back of our fireplace. Add a dash of balloons and some cake and we were ready for a party! 
I love the shirts on the chairs. I am glad my husband had a few old shirts he could give me. Some icing did get on a few of them. :)

We had some clear cups to put other drinks like sprite, water and ginger ale in. I found these reusable cup clings at Party City. They had a small mustache section. I kept them for another occasion. It was a lot easier for people to find their cup too.  

Without further ado.....Here is the cake!! I love it. I saw a picture on Pinterest of a cake with a cupcake on top and I thought it was perfect. I ordered this from a very nice woman who bakes cakes out of her kitchen. I found her through a mutual friend on Facebook and checked out her WEBSITE and fell in love with everything on there. I e-mailed her a picture from Pinterest that I liked; sent her the invitations I made for the party and she came up with this. I LOVE IT! If you are in the Dallas area you should check Christie out. Oh and the cake was so decadent and delicious. 
His name was written on top and we pulled off the cupcake for him to blow out the candle and eat. Then the adults could eat the rest of the cake without any little fingers getting in to it. 
(The tray is from Ikea, just in case you were wondering. )

The Birthday Boy! Can you count how many ones are in this picture? I went a little overboard, but you only have your first birthday once!

Here are some of the images that inspired this birthday party:
Most of my ideas came from Pinterest.  Follow ME on Pinterest! That's probably the best way to see what I am up to. 


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