April 23, 2013

A New Website I Love

The other week I did a post on Pinterest. I really do think you can get a ton of great ideas from that website. I used to scour through magazines trying to find something I liked but now I can just search them on Pinterst. I love it.
Well, I think I have come across another website that will be just as useful.

It allows you to download a tab in your internet window and whenever you come across something online that you would like to keep track of to see if it goes on sale....you just hit the button and Stalk it! You can put items in folders much like Pinterest and refer back to them. It sends you alerts when a paticular item has gone on sale and you can even put a percentage on how much it goes on sale to alert you, as well as a price. I LOVE IT! I always had to keep tabs on items I was wanting to purchase. Oh, I better go back to that website to see if that holiday stuff went on sale yet. Then I would forget and it would be all sold out. On this site you can keep everything in one place and keep track. I have even made a list of gift ideas! You can also see what your favorite people are checking on as well.
You can look at my stuff under the name CourtneyBlushes



Shop your
favorite online


Find a product you
like and stalk it —
save it to your list.


When it goes
on sale we'll let
you know.


PS. I am not affiliated with stalkthis.com and I have not received any kind of compensation or "gifts". I simply found a website I thought was a good idea and wanted to share it with you.


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