June 10, 2013

Awkward space? Switch it around.

My living room is a basic rectangle. It's a fairly large rectangle and it has a fireplace on one whole side of the room. I really wish I had a normal fireplace but it's there for now. It makes placing furniture a bit difficult. I have a sectional as well. It is huge. My kids, my husband and I love it. There is a place for everyone to sit comfortably. This sectional adds to the difficulty in arranging the living room. Then we have a 55" TV. It is also huge and we have a large TV stand to accommodate it. 

-A very old picture of our living room. (Please ignore the red curtains.) 

    So, that being said there are some major factors that go in to this living room situation. I've been fairly happy with the arrangement until recently. I would like to add some more furniture to the space, like a side table and a leather chair, maybe a floor lamp and another table. Well, that was not possible with the existing layout and I was tired of having the TV and the back of the couch face our front door. It was not a pretty focal point. 

(Another old pic) See what I mean by the layout? I felt this was so much wasted space on the right. 

After spending hours on Pinterest, I figured where I wanted the TV and our buffet to go. I basically was going to switch them. It just didn't make sense for our large TV to be on the smallest wall. I didn't know how I was going to arrange the couch but I would just wing it and figure it out after I moved the TV. My lovely husband moved everything for me, even though he liked the living room as is. :)

(Please excuse the sippy cup on the couch.)

    I loved how it turned out and I started playing with the sectional to see where to put it. Oddly enough, the sectional looked great where it originally was...just needed to be flipped backwards so it was facing the front door. This whole configuration has made the biggest difference. Our living room is so open now and the kids have so much more space to play. I am not done with the wall the TV is on so I'm not going to post pictures until I do a few things first. 
Until then, here is a picture of the small wall that now houses the buffet. I hope this post inspires you to take some chances in your living room and maybe look at things a little differently. Sometimes it helps to just wing it. 


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