July 5, 2013

A new Entry

 Soon, we will be getting a lovely new fiberglass door in the front. I know, I know what you are saying....."What's wrong with the front door you have now?" It's lovely. I really do love our door, but because of the Texas sun it's just not cutting it. It's already cracking and showing a lot of wear. It's not the right door for our western facing house. Sadly, I will be selling our old door. I can't relocate it anywhere else in the house. Moving on to the more fun stuff. Since we are getting a fiberglass door and I can't paint it any color I want....(I didn't want to paint our beautiful mohagany door) I've been dreaming about painting it with....You guessed it: Chalkboard Paint!

Yes, I LOVE....chalkboard paint. It brings me back to when I was a child in school, the smell of chalk. No, I don't eat chalk. :) Chalkboards are very Americana to me if that makes sense. I know they have chalkboards everywhere....We are getting off track....
So, I've been dreaming about all the different wreaths I can hang on it, the decals I can slap on it and the knockers & handle set. I have an oil rubbed bronze handle set right now but it would blend in to the black paint so I'm wanting satin nickel. This one to be exact:

I bought it off Ebay for $65 (including shipping). I know, right? You can go in to any Home Depot or Lowes and they are at least $100. If you are looking for a handle set, knobs or kitchen handles go on Ebay, they have great prices. I can't wait to put it on our new door. We are special ordering it through Lowes at the end of this month. I will keep you along through the whole process. If you are curious to what wreaths I am checking out you can look at my Etsy account under March Orchard HERE
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Thanks for all your support and kindness and tagging along on this adventure of home ownership. 


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