July 11, 2013

Target Finds!

I was grocery shopping...as you do at Target and I happened upon the clearance section.....Ok, I went to the clearance section and I saw a lampshade there. Hmm, "Probably like $30" <I'm thinking to myself. I check the red sale tag and it says: $5.24! WHA? I check it out to make sure there are no dents or marks on it....it's perfect. "I'll take that!" It's currently in our living room.

Then I went to the bed and bath clearance section and saw a beautiful Threshold rug with a lattice detail on it. I'm loving that pattern right now. I can't get enough of it. I look at the red tag and it says $5.76! Ok, I will grab that too. :) I have placed it in our guest bathroom for the time being. It adds a little something to the space. 

I guess they are getting rid of a lot of their Threshold items right now. If you have had your eye on something from that line check it out in the store, it could be on sale. Prices differ online, as I have found out....oh, and store to store! Can you believe that? That's my one gripe: they can be different prices at different Targets! Blasphemy. 

Well, I just thought I would share these beautiful purchases with you. I am loving this sale right now. 
Thanks for checking out my blog. 


Ps. I am not affiliated with Target. :)
We are starting to potty train our oldest and it's not going very well. :( 

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