August 16, 2013

New direction, New bedspread.

I'm going in a new direction in my home. When we first bought it in 2008 I just wanted furniture to fill it. We needed a place to sit and hang things up to make it look like a home. I am a bit older now and I realize that I should have taken it slow. I thought I knew exactly how I wanted my home to look and the style I was going for but that has all changed now. I've grown up, my tastes have changed, I found Pinterest! :) I leaned a bit more to rustic and I loved all the earthy tones. I still like those things and can appreciate them but it's not so much my style anymore. I now know that I'm a classic traditional French Country girl. I never get tired of the look of a traditional house, never goes out of style, always looks elegant. To my credit, my style house is ranch so I was really going with the style of the house when we first moved in. Not anymore, I am going against the grain. 
What's first up? Well, a couple of things, none of which I have completed yet so I can't show you. I can tell you that it starts in the Master bedroom. I don't know about you but that's the last place I clean up after the day....if I have time....if I'm not tired.....not really. Let's just say it's the last thing on my list. With this new vision I am making it first. My husband and I deserve a little oasis for ourselves. 
So what's wrong with what we have in there right now? Well, honestly not much. We have a dark chocolate accent wall. At the time I thought it was bold, unique & dreamy. Now, I just see it as a black hole. It's too dark and it brings down the ceiling where in that area it needs to be raised. I've decided to still go bold but subtle and.....traditional, STRIPES. That's right, I am painting stripes for the first time in my life on the wall. My husband isn't keen on the idea but he is willing to go with it. I love how it looks. 
Dramatic Striped bedroom Wall Ideas | 2012 | Architecture | Home Design | Interior and Decorating Ideas
I wish this was my room! I like these colors. Doesn't it look different yet still elegant and calming? 

Since my ceiling slopes there I think I am going to do vertical stripes to bring the eye up. :) We will see if it works. I also found these at my local Home Depot:
$20 per panel. I think they will be great in the bedroom since they have a heavy lining which will be good for keeping light out. 

Then of course it comes down to the bed. We already have a padded queen headboard that I love. I am talking about the bedding. Now, I don't know about most couples but my husband and I are quite a bit different in the temperature dept. I like being cool at night with my feet out of the covers. My husband radiates heat and likes to be covered. Being opposites in that aspect we usually end up with two different blankets at night, I hate this. I have found the solution!! It's already been tested and works great. So.....I decided we needed a cooler comforter than the ones we have bought previously. It's also good to note we have a queen bed and since we both like to hog the covers I decided to get a King bedspread. Genius, I know? If I was going to get a King I wanted a duvet so that I could wash it when it needed. I found this Lucianna Medallion Duvet from Pottery Barn.
Lovely isn't it? I could stare at it all day. It feels that comfortable too. But wait.....that isn't the best part. So I still needed a King down comforter......where to get one? Where is there a cheap one....yea, I could try Ikea...but wait what? They have them at Target right down the street for how much?? I got it on sale at the time for $36.99. 
Room Essentials® Down Blend Comforter - White
I looked at the reviews and everyone said this one kept cool and didn't get too hot. SOLD! And it's true. I live in Texas and it gets hot at night. This comforter is perfect for that. I love my new bedspread and comforter. 
All will be revealed when I get it all finished but I will still keep you updated as I go. :)

As always, 

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