August 28, 2013

Trouble with my order?

I did a post a few weeks ago about all the projects I had lined up to do. I've done 2 from that list but I have to say the major project I was most looking forward to getting done was a new front door. We have a beautiful mahogany door but because of the harsh sun (our house faces West) it's already become warped and peeling after only 4 years. PS. it's not under warranty. :( 
So we decided to get a more durable door, a fiberglass. I wanted a fairly plain door but with a twist. I was going to paint it with chalkboard paint so I could write messages on the door with the seasons. I still plan on doing this but it has taken a backseat. When we tried to order the door from Lowes which is usually pretty great, we ordered our last door from Home Depot...NIGHTMARE. Anyway, they were very nice and set it up but their order system was not letting them order it in the smooth finish that we wanted (for a perfect chalkboard surface) so she said she would figure out what the problem was and schedule a guy to come out and measure our door. 
The contractor came out, spent about 5 minutes measuring and looking at the door and then left. I figured since we had our door replaced 4 years ago that it would just be a standard install. Well, the quote came back $100 over what we thought it was going to be to install it. When we asked what needed to be replaced they said it was the threshold. Well, we just had that replaced when we put our new door in. Can we keep the old threshold? No. DO we have to have it replaced? Yes, you always have to have it replaced when putting in a new door frame because the threshold needs support. Well, shouldn't that be included in the standard installation price? Unfortunately it's not. ANNOYING. Well, it took about two weeks to get that answer after numerous phone calls and going in to the store...where we even spoke to the manager and he was going to have the installer come back out and explain what needed to be done. Never happened. 
So needless to say we aren't in the best mood. Then I got a call yesterday that the door we want with the smooth finish doesn't come in smooth only wood grain and it's approximately $140 more money. WHAT? As for now we are in limbo, weighing our options. Unfortunately, this means I won't be sharing with you our new door anytime soon. :( Until then here are a few inspirations that keep me going.
Door color heaven.boxwood wreath
Masonite Craftsman 6 Lite Primed Smooth Fiberglass Entry Door with No Brickmold-27172 at The Home Depot 197.00
Black front door - white tulips in metal bucket
Front door
How to Paint a Door...
traditional entry YES!
We will replace our door eventually and you know I will blog about it when it does finally happen. I have some fun projects coming your way soon and I'm really looking forward to the holidays. I hope you're enjoying the rest of your summer. 

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