September 11, 2013

Kitchen Nook Redo

After moving my table more in the center of the kitchen one day I realized how much room I actually have. I used to have the table more towards the laundry door and it made it feel like there was no room for anything but the table. The wheels in my head started turning and I imagined an organized space like they have in mud rooms, which we don't have much of here in Texas. I love mudrooms. Ok, back to reality....all of a sudden things started clicking. I thought of the EAT sign I saw at Target, which is on sale right now by the way. HERE I thought about the hooks I had on the back of the fireplace and the clock in the living room. I was just missing a bench & a large chalkboard.
I searched a few antique stores for the type of bench I was looking for. I found one but it didn't fit the bill and needed a lot of work. After a last ditch effort I checked out Craigslist and found this one:
(Sorry the pic was taken from my computer, not the best quality. I should have taken a before photo.)
It had the clean lines that I wanted and arms. I checked out the bench and it was perfect. I got to work right after we brought it home. I sanded it and gave it a good wipe down. I already had black paint from my laundry door, which it would be resting right next to, perfect! 
Everything is in place now and I couldn't be more happy about it. It turned out exactly how I wanted. I'm still missing my big chalkboard but I am patient about finding the right one. Until then here are the after pics:

(Completely painted black) One of these days soon we are going to get new flooring in our kitchen, ugh. Moving on.....

The black door repainted. I spray painted the EAT sign black as well. It come in a maroon color. The hooks I believe I purchased from Decor Steals. The clock is from Target a few years ago. 

I keep the kids shoes in a basket next to the bench. I am looking for a chalkboard to go on the back of the fireplace. Apparently there isn't enough chalkboard in our house. :)
I still need to paint the cabinets in our kitchen nook. The green doesn't match well with the stark white brick. My husband said he was really digging the color too. :( Oh well, maybe I can use it somewhere else in the house. I really liked that pop of green too. I already know what color I am going to paint the cabinet but I'll leave that for another post. :) 

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