October 7, 2013

Fall House Tour 2013

Welcome Fall! I am loving the weather right now in Texas. It is beautiful. This Saturday it's supposed to be in the 70's! I really can't believe it is October already.
 I have officially finished decorating my house and am happy with where everything is placed, finally. I did end up reworking the mantle after I did my post. :) Yea, for the 12th or so time. I'm just trying to be real. I gotta go back and forth on it and get it just right. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is my decorating.
So sit back, take a sip of what ever beverage you are drinking and enjoy the fallness that has taken hold of my house.

I love using pedestals to decorate. The orange pumpkin I got a couple of years ago from Tuesday Morning, on sale for $8. I love after season sales. 

I got this pumpkin from Target a few years ago for $1 or maybe it was $3? Anyway, I bought some gold spray paint and updated it. I love how it looks like spun gold, something from Rumpelstiltskin. 

our fireplace rearranged again but I'm satisfied with it now. 

The gold leaf really brings some warmth to the space. 

I loved the idea of having a message on the fireplace. 

I have some plush pumpkins for the kids so that they have something fun to play with during the season. The simple pumpkin is actually Cinderella's carriage. Isn't that fun? It turns inside out to reveal her blue carriage. I bought it earlier this year at the Disney Store but I don't see it available online anymore. The Jack o'lantern pumpkin is from Hallmark. 

To greet the Trick or Treaters in our entry way. I love our treat bags (hanging on the doorknob on the right).

The witch and her cauldron ready for some goodies. The Spellbook is from Hallmark. 

In our guest bathroom. It's nice I can just remove the "Boo" sign and it will be ready for Thanksgiving. 

I also spray painted a few little pumpkins. This is on our kitchen table. 

Our new bench with a new "Spooky" pillow from Michael's.

Kitchen decor: Basket from Decor Steals (spray painted white), decorative balls from Hallmark and October medallion from Kirklands. 

Hocus Pocus recipe in the kitchen. These chalkboards are from Decor Steals. 

I hope you have a spooky Halloween and some nice cozy nights ahead of you this season. 

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