November 6, 2013

The Gold Standard

I've seen it all year long in homes, clothes, jewelry & accessories. Maybe for some of you it's always been around but for me, I've been a silver girl for quite some time. I had a few gold pieces when I was in elementary school but right when I got in to junior high everyone was wearing James Avery jewelry and they were all wearing silver. Since then I really haven't looked back, until recently. I made it a strict rule in my house to have no brass or gold but over the past few months everything has changed. I've slowly been loving gold more and more. It's starting to creep in my home if you looked at my Fall House Tour post you would have seen: a spray painted pumpkin & a large gold leaf on my mantle. 

I've also started buying gold jewelry which just sounds crazy to me. This may be all very weird to you that I never wore gold jewelry but honestly I didn't think it look good on me and I thought it looked old when decorated with in the home. All that has changed I'm really embracing it now. Here are a few things I found on Pinterest that has my blood pumping gold:

kiss kiss! poster

gold glitter vase {that would be a cute DIY}

cute set of golden Chevron glasses {perfect for a bar cart}

LC Lauren Conrad Gold Tone Simulated Pearl and Seashell Stud Earring SetI used to have earrings like this when I was little. LOVE.

LC Lauren Conrad Gold Tone Simulated Crystal Flower Ring
Anastasia  Mirror #anthropologie

Joyeux Noel Cards #anthropologie
See what I mean? Is anyone else starting to get obsessed with gold like me? Or have you been all along? Maybe this post inspired you to snatch up some gold plunder of your own. Anyway, I just thought I would share a trend with you and warn you that there might be some gold nuggets in the near future! You can ^ follow me on Pinterest, there is a link at the top of this page. There are so many more gold items that I didn't include. If you want to know what I am in to on any given day check me out there. :)
As always, ENJOY!

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