January 6, 2014

Ideas for 2014

I am a list girl. I have spirals, notepads, digital notes and folders dedicated to lists. I thought I would make my first post of 2014 be a list of what I would like to achieve this year. So here we go, 
1. Make my home more....me! I have to admit, I like to copy Pottery Barn a little and so many ideas I get from Pinterest. Although, I do have to say.....some of the most wonderful things about my house were totally my idea. Case in point: Chalkboard countertops! I love gathering ideas from Pinterest but I would like to go with my gut to0 and maybe take some more risks. 
2. Finish a room. I can't think of one room in my house I am satisfied with. There is something in every room I would like to adjust fix or update. I still haven't even started the Master bedroom redo I've been wanting to do. It always gets put on the back burner. :( Maybe that will be the room that I will finish?
3. There are a few small projects I've been putting off, I don't want to name them because I want some of them to be a little bit of a surprise but I need to just get them done! ^ this probably goes with #2 though. 
4. I would also like to post more beauty related blogs on here. I used to have my own beauty blog but I found it difficult to keep the two blogs going and I ultimately was more passionate about this one. I would like to incorporate some of those ideas and fun things on to this website. 
5. I've been passionate about DIY wreaths lately and I would like to do a few tutorials on here of some I have in mind. 
6. I would in general like to do more DIY's on my blog. I think those are pretty fun and you can always learn from my mistakes. lol
7. Report hauls. I don't know about you but I love hearing about what people bought for their home or beauty related items. Sometimes I just go out and buy it myself as well. I can't tell you how many great purchases I've made that way.
8. More of what I am up to. I'd like to take you along little shopping trips and maybe places I like to shop and go. Would you like that? 
9. Learn more about web design. I want my blog to look a little cuter. :)
10. Use Instagram a bit more. You might not know this but I have an instagram. I hardly ever take photos on it but I would like to. I just never think to post them on there honestly. But it's probably the quickest way to show people what I am up to at any moment. 

So that rounds out what I expect out of myself for this year. I hope I am not setting myself up to fail but I feel these are doable and if anything some ideas to improve this blog. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on this blog. Here's to a New Year!


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