February 10, 2014

My top 10 tips for Decorating your Home

1. Find out what your style is.
I mentioned in a previous post when I bought my house I was going to go with the architecture of the space and have Ranch decor. Now that I've been in my house 5 years I find that's not really my style, so I've changed it. I like a more traditional, French country look. I really feel like my home is me now and that's what is most important.

2. Go on Pinterest. I can't tell you how many times I thought I wanted a room a certain way and then I came upon something on Pinterest that totally blew my mind and made me look at my space a little different. This can also help you with Tip no. 1. If you don't know what your style is. Try looking on Pinterest and make a folder of rooms you like, then look at the folder as a whole and see what trends and colors come out at you.

3. Plan for the holidays and seasons. This especially comes in to play on the fireplace mantle. I am currently looking for a statement piece above our fireplace and the first thing when I look at art, pictures or mirrors is.....How is this going to incorporate with Christmas vs. summer? Will I have to take it down during the holidays? Will it match with holiday/ seasonal decor? Will it work year round is basically what I am trying to convey. Over the years I didn't think of this question. I just decorated for the time and then when Christmas came around, I realized I had to take everything down and relocate it. I hate doing that. I still do that now...but maybe not to the point where I have to take down all my drapes, change out my rugs and move every item from every table. So, when decorating ask yourself how this color or this piece of furniture will look during the holiday/seasons.

4. Where to spend and where to save. I always felt like if you could get it for cheap why not buy it? Well, because you are buying quality as well. Now in a lot of circumstances Target and other chains have come a long way in the home decor sections of their stores, but sometimes it's better for your wallet in the long run to buy something higher on the quality end. Now look at what you want to last the longest in your home....furniture, rugs, frames, lamps, light fixtures, kitchen hardware. That's why these items are initially expensive. If you follow tip #3 then you will be able to have them in your house year round and not have to replace them for a very long time. That reminds me.....I found a new free app! If you shop at Target then this is the app for you. It's called Cartwheel. I don't know how long it has been around but it's fantastic. You choose the coupons you want online or on your phone and then when you check out they scan a barcode directly from your phone. I have saved $27 so far and I've only had it about 2 months. I shop there a lot. :)
PS. I am not affiliated with Target or Cartwheel. Cartwheel

5. Fabrics and Textures! When I was growing up it was nice to have matchy matchy everything. I remember my Mom's drapes, chairs, couch and wall hangings all had the same fabric. These days your home looks richer with different fabric patterns and materials. These can be a little difficult but over the years I feel like I have picked up a few things that make it a little easier. Find one fabric you love, love, love. Pick out the colors from it (you can bring a small swatch with you in your purse) and buy variations of these colors & kinds of fabric (linen, silk, canvas, burlap..) in other items such as paintings, rugs, drapes, ottomans & pillows. If you only have two colors in the fabric you choose you might want to add another neutral color to the palette like grey, beige or cream. Slowly add colors as well. My house was cream, beige and blue. Over the holidays I added in maroon and it all comes together with a rug and two throws. It's amazing sometimes how just a few adjustments can make a space look so different.

6. Baskets! This is one of my favorite ways to add texture and warmth to a space not to mention functionality. Baskets might not be your thing but storage is everybody's and you can insert ottoman, trunk canvas storage or whatever floats your boat. But I find sometimes if a space looks vacant, stick a basket in a corner, near a sofa or on a shelf and it just adds a little something and then you have a place to put whatever you wish.

7. Variation of height and size. I still struggle with this one. I grew up in a matchy home like I said above and so I like things to be even and proportional. The only problem with that is...well, it's boring. I've had to branch out and buy two of something in different sizes or height and I promise you it's easier to decorate when you have a variation of something. Now, I'm not saying you should buy two of anything but mix it up a little bit.

8. Beautiful containers (Pottery, silver, glass) These will add a bit of shimmer and you can mix these up over the holiday season. I love adding potpourri, pine-cones, cinnamon sticks, leaves, moss balls, you name it to bowls and vases. It's a small way you can change things over each season without breaking the bank or doing much. Plus, you can always switch these small things around to make a big difference in your home.

9. Greenery. You gotta have a little life in your home, even if it is fake. I have the blackest thumb. I can't grow pinto beans but I can have beautiful "plants" in my home. I buy fake. They have some great ones at Ikea and I've also found some at TJ Maxx. I've also recently bought preserved boxwood wreaths which was a great addition to my home. I don't know what it is but if your home doesn't have some greenery in it, it's just missing something...like air. It feels stuffy. Have you ever noticed that?

10. Slowly add pieces. This is another one I struggle with. Like Veruca Salt, I want it now. I want my home to look nice now. I want it to be complete. Well, a house isn't built over night and a home really shouldn't be decorated in a day either.....unless you are a decorator and have unlimited resources at your fingertips. Anyway, your style evolves. If I bought every little nick nack that I thought would look cute, I would be having a yard sale every weekend. I've slowly......very slowly come to the realization that just because it's the it thing going on now or the it color doesn't mean it needs to be in your home. You have to go back to tip #1, is it you? Are you going to want that in your home years from now? Will you get tired of it? Plus, isn't the hunt part of the fun?

Well, I hope my little tips and tid bits helped you a little. They are just things I have picked up along the way and would have liked to know when I first bought my house. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Do you have any tips?


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