March 12, 2014

Master Stripes

I've been wanting to paint stripes in my house for quite some time now. I always thought I would paint them in our guest bathroom but I figured it would look better on our dark accent wall in our master. I painted one of our walls in our master a dark chocolate brown when we first moved in (I don't know). I thought it was neat to have an accent wall. Although I didn't take in to account that painting it on the smallest wall would make it look even smaller. It's been on my mind to paint it for over 2 years but I just didn't know what I wanted to do with it. I've seen stripes everywhere and just couldn't get it out of my mind. I decided a few months ago that it should go in our master bedroom. My husband wasn't too keen on the idea at first but he's very trusting. Plus, I told him I would paint it myself.
I wanted the stripes to look subtle so I decided to go with cream and white. I already had white paint and I picked out a cream at the Lowes counter. Funny enough, the cream color is actually called "Antique White" #1823 by Behr.
Valspar Signature Colors 1 oz Interior Silver Paint Crystals

On Pinterest I found Valspar paint crystals and I knew I wanted to try it somewhere in our home. I thought I could probably use it on one of the stripes to make it pop. After painting with it...I do have to say it is very subtle. I am very happy with how it turned out.
Our bedroom is so light and airy now, I love it. It's exactly what I wanted with the added bonus of a little sparkle. 
I took multiple pictures to try and get the glitter just right. Honestly, you can't hardly even see it. I notice it more when the lights are on low. I used two packets in my gallon of paint too. It says you can use up to three but I was afraid it would look a little too juvenile. These paint crystals would probably look great on the ceiling too. 

I have to mention that for the first time ever I used frog painters tape and it made the biggest difference. I usually just go with the blue but I figured on a project where the lines had to be super crisp it was worth the extra dollars to try it out. I have a heavy hand so I'm glad I've found something that can counteract that. I feel it was the key to the success of this project. 
Now a little step by step on how the project was done: 
Our wall is approximately 14 ft long. I wanted the stripes to be about 16 inches wide. 
First I figured out where I wanted my stripe to start. I wanted it to start in the middle of our window. I knew I didn't want it near the corner of the wall. The rest was just math. 
We marked the distance between each line at the top and the bottom. Then, lined them up with the tape. We checked to make sure they were level, with a level. I then marked with a pencil which section would be painted (my wall was already painted all white by now). I just used a small roller and painted the stripes in the designated areas. Done! 

I hope you found this helpful. Painting stripes was a lot of fun and I highly recommend doing a room in your house. It really freshens up the aesthetic of the space. I might just have to do some more, maybe in our laundry room? 

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