April 7, 2014

A Small hint of Easter

I can not believe Easter isn't here already. It seems that it usually falls at the end of March or beginning of April but here we are almost mid April and no Easter. I say this because I scheduled my son's birthday party the day before not realizing it's possible to have Easter at the end of April. Anyway, moving on. So, I brought my Easter items out almost right after St. Patrick's Day. I wanted to make sure and have a few weeks of Easter up in the house before I had to take it down....the day before (because of the party). Don't worry, I am putting some of it back up the night before to make sure it feels all Eastery the morning of. Ugh. Just typing about it makes me tired.
I thought I would share with you some of the decor I have up. You might have already caught a glimpse on the previous post. This is the bulk of the Easter decor:

Gotta always show the mantle. It's one of my most favorite places to decorate because it's the focal point in our home. I haven't dressed it up too much. I just added a robins egg and a little grey rabbit. I also made a new wreath, The coffee filter wreath you can find out how to do HERE
The mirror is a new edition. I was on the hunt for months for a special item to go above the fireplace that I could dress up around the holidays. I found it at Kirklands. It was a bit of cash but since I purchased it online and got free shipping, I got it for a deal. However, I do have to say that purchasing items on Kirklands is not that great. Even though they had it in stock at the store I had to wait for the one I ordered to be sent to the store. It took awhile too but they were very helpful and put it in my car for me.In all, I am very happy with my purchase. 
At the bottom of the fireplace is my little ones fabric Easter baskets. I find that these are great when they are toddlers, it's easy to carry, doesn't scratch them and it's pliable so it's easier to put their eggs in. 

My new Ballard Designs "Terrific Table", complete with storage underneath. I scored this baby on Craigslist and the woman threw in the tablecloth! I had been searching for one since Ballard doesn't make them anymore....just the tablecloth. I can't seem to find those kind of tables anywhere. I added my Botanical Lampshade that was purchased from Target, the flower arrangement I designed (all parts from Michaels), a rabbit I got at an after Easter sale at Tuesday Morning and my repurposed frames from Kirklands. I think I got the Peter Rabbit bucket from the dollar section in Target a few years back. Anyway, I am pretty proud of this little nook. It's just been an empty corner in my home for years.It's so nice to walk by it everyday. My kids don't even bother it that much, thank goodness. 

If you've been following me for awhile you've seen this little cloche before. I love to stick seasonal items in to it. These robins eggs are from Target (dollar section again). It adds just a bit of Easter color to the space. My kids love it. They think they are real eggs. 

This is an updated wreath of the one I had last year. I just added some wood carrots and called it a day. It's also from Target. The carrots were a yard sale purchase years ago and I dressed them up with fresh green ribbon. Next year I think I am going to do a fun DIY Easter wreath. :)

This wood bunny is a new edition this year. I purchased this at an online store....I think Groopdealz. It came naked (unpainted) and so I spray painted it white and added some bows to give it more of a personality. I love this. After digging out all my Easter items this year I was a little bummed at how much I actually had. I'm glad I made this purchase to add to my little collection.
You might see a little line on the bottom left side of the door....my kids were having fun with the chalk. :)

Of course, I have to put a cheesy line on the outdoor chalkboard near our doorbell. :) 
I hope you liked this mini tour of our home. Easter is a pretty fun holiday to decorate for with all the pastels, bunnies and eggs. I am really looking forward to my children hunting some eggs this year. Last Easter we got rained out. Have a good one!


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