April 15, 2014

Guest Bathroom Remodel

 My guest bathroom needed to be repainted for some time now. I went through a green phase...in fact I painted the exterior of our house green too, don't ask. I retouched the paint in our bathroom. I used the wrong paint (exterior) and never fixed it because I knew I was going to eventually change the color eventually. I finally decided to do something about it this past week and it looks completely different. I know I've said in the past before but paint makes a huge difference. I'm always surprised at how good it turns out.
Here are a few pictures of the guest bath when we first purchased our home:
We bought a foreclosure and so it was sold as is. I hated that flooring so much. It looked like cottage cheese. YUCK!
When we updated it, we put in a new vanity, toilet, mirror, flooring, hardware & painted.

The green wasn't too bad, but it just wasn't something that I loved. At least our bathroom was presentable and usable. In the last picture of the updated space you can see near the baseboard there is a little bit darker green, yup that's the exterior paint. See what I mean? It looked pretty bad & drove me nuts. I don't know if anyone else noticed it. They never mentioned if they did, but I know I would wonder. ha ha ha
 I wanted the bathroom to be a much lighter color so it would feel bigger. I thought white would be good but I needed a hint of color to differentiate between the mirror and the vanity. I decided to go with a cool cream color. I headed on over to Home Depot and immediately found the color.
I went with Talc by Martha Stewart. It looks white but is actually more cream colored. Before I painted with the color I primed because the green walls were very dark. 
Already the bathroom is looking bigger and brighter. 
It took me about two days to complete everything, mostly because of waiting between coats. 
And here is the finished project:
It looks like a completely different bathroom. This is how I originally wanted it to look and feel. See how the paint on the walls differs slightly from the stark white on the mirror, trim and vanity? Perfection! Martha knew what she was doing when she designed this color. It's one of my new favs! I want to paint my whole house with it. 
Spring fresh! I made a trip to Michaels and picked up a few knick knacks, you see on the countertop & the crate on the back of the toilet. The bird pictures are from Decor Steals. In all, it was a very inexpensive update. With paint and my decor purchases from Michaels it ran me approximately $100. 
I absolutely love it. I almost want to follow people to the bathroom just to see their reaction, not really but you know what I mean. 
I hope you liked this bathroom redo. Let me know of any paint colors you love or any bathroom decor tips you have. 


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