April 1, 2014

There Shall be Light

Over the past few months I have made a lot of changes to the lighting in our home. We've replaced four light fixtures so far. I say so far because we have one in the mail to us right now for my little boys room.
I thought I would share a few of the ones I've purchased recently since they were from a few unorthodox places and one from the past that was a major steal.
So here we go.............
First up is the white enamel pendant light I purchased from Antiquefarmhouse.com. When I saw it on their site it just screamed kitchen to me. I have been wanting to replace the black chandelier in there for quite some time. I originally spay painted it black from silver but I needed to replace the shades on it but never got around to it. I purchased it from a yard sale for $10, so it served it's purpose and I wasn't out a ton of money. This beauty set me back $96 (that includes shipping and tax) which I thought for the size of the piece was a great buy. Check out Antique Farmhouse, you never know they might have it on sale again sometime.
PS. I am not affiliated with any of the companies I purchased my light fixtures from.

Next up is my Pottery Barn Hand blown glass pendant. I purchased this from Ebay, you can get some great items at a big discount from Ebay. It was only $39.95 & it was new! I used to have one of those.......well, boobie lights. Yea, I bought a lot of them when we first moved in to the house so I wouldn't have to look at the original lighting from the 70's. I always knew I would replace it. Now it makes the entry a lot more welcoming. I plan on buying another one for our kitchen to go over the sink. It will make my house more cohesive and my kitchen a lot brighter too.

The most unique fixture I purchased is my French Shabby Distressed White Wood Chandelier from Decor Steals. I've never seen anything so beautiful....well lighting wise anyway. I knew exactly where I wanted this piece of art, in our "formal" living area. It was a reasonable $76.50 (including shipping/handling and tax). I think I'm most proud of this purchase because it's not a chandelier you see everyday. That was really my goal with my purchases. I'm sure you all have seen a house for sale or have been in someone's home and have seen the same light fixture at Home Depot or Lowes a million times. I'm not saying that some of those fixtures aren't nice or shouldn't be purchased, it's just you've seen them all over the place so they're not as special. You want your home to be unique like you. This shabby wood chandelier is so me. :)

Last of the new fixtures is one that belongs outside. I've had my eye on this exterior light for awhile and when I noticed it in the clearance section at Lowes, I knew it was meant to be. This is just the start of some of the changes I want to make to the exterior of our house but for now, I can appreciate my super deal, $40. 

Now for the oldie but goodie, my black 9 light chandelier. Be still my heart. It's in the center of my home for a reason. It's big, it's gorgeous and it looks good with everything. Not to mention, it lights up our large living room beautifully. You remember I bought that other chandelier at a yard sale? Well, I bought this one at the same one (The person used to work for a lighting company and these were the displays). This baby cost $25!! Can you believe that? One of the best deals of my life, let me tell ya.

So, five different light fixtures from five different places; coming together to make my house a home. Oh, and Home Depot...when you get those Schoolhouse lights in stock, I'm snatching up two!
Let me know the different places you have found your fixtures or your major find! Thanks for reading.



  1. I LOVE your shabby white wood chandelier!! And, love your house! And grew up in Dallas, too...so many memories of fun, trips around White Rock and shopping...love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much! I love Dallas too, it really has a little bit of everything. #TexasPride

  2. The heritage bronze finish has a slightly aged look. tropical chandelier