May 20, 2014

Patriotic Wreath tutorial

Memorial Day is upon us. I've seen so many beautiful red white and blue wreaths. I've been inspired to create my own. Here is my take on the patriotic wreath.

I purchased all my supplies from Michaels. I love one stop shopping, don't you? Here is what you will need:
Chevron Ribbon: 2 spools- $3.99 ea
Red, white & blue ribbon: 1 spool- $2.99 (bow)
Straw wreath- $3.49 (small)
Pack of glitter stars- $5.99 (optional)
Hot glue gun
(I didn't end up using the check print ribbon)
I decided to just pin my ribbon around the wreath so I have the option of reusing the wreath in the future.
Then it was just a matter of wrapping the ribbon around the wreath. I made sure to overlap a little so the straw didn't peek through. 
The above picture is one full spool finished. As you can see it's only about half way around the wreath so you really do need 2 spools. 
The wreath is completely wrapped. There was not much ribbon left. I ended up cutting it in half length wise and doubling up the ribbon to hang it. That step comes a little later. None of the chevron ribbon went unused. I played around with the red, white and blue ribbon until I got a bow that I liked. I ended up doubling up that ribbon as well since it was not very thick. 
Then I started glueing the glitter stars on! This step was so easy. I decided to clump the stars on one side, I saw that technique on a few wreaths I've seen lately. I let it dry, which was no time at all and hung it up. 
I am extremely happy with how this wreath turned out. I've been wanting to make a patriotic wreath for some time now. It was very fun to make. I hope you and your family have a wonderful memorial day. 


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