May 6, 2014

Schoolhouse lights are In!

In My Post "There Shall Be Light", I mentioned I was waiting for Home Depot to get in some schoolhouse lights. Well my friends, I don't know if they were reading or if it was divine intervention but they are in stock! Here's the link< Since I purchased two, I got free shipping to my home. It was a great deal. These lights are gorgeous. They give off the perfect amount of light in my hallway and kitchen. One 60 watt bulb is all they are capable of handling so it's not the brightest of lights. It's a lot better than the spotlights from Ikea that I had in my kitchen and one of those generic flushmounts I had in the hallway. With a hint of sophistication in it's traditional globe design and a splash of contemporary with the oil rubbed bronze semi mount flush it's the perfect balance between old & new. The globe is a little delicate/thin. I'm so glad Home Depot packed them so well otherwise they would have been broken during shipping. I received them fairly quickly as well. In all I am very happy with my purchase.

I'm such a lucky girl. My husband has installed & reinstalled again almost every light in our house. He is able to take down and put up a light in a matter of minutes. I have to give him props for allowing me to go crazy on this light fixture spree. Over time I have realized that lighting does make a big difference in the home. It sets the mood of a room. Honestly, it's one of the first things I look at when I see a picture on Pinterest. Lighting makes a statement. I've always had my eye out for good fixtures but just recently I have run in to a lot of good luck finding all the fixtures I've been looking for. Now, I can say I am happy with most of the lighting in my house. Most, you say? Yes, I still would love to put a chandelier in my daughter's room, a new laundry light, master closet light, and somehow install a light in our master bedroom. We currently don't have any ceiling lighting in our bedroom. I know it's sad. I haven't found the right light to go in there anyway. I am pretty sure we would have to install some sort of faux beam in order to make that happen as well, that's why we haven't done that project yet. Don't worry, when we do eventually get it done you will be the first to know!

 If you have any questions on the lighting please leave a comment below. I am always happy to help.

Ps. I am not affiliated with Home Depot. All my opinions are my own and I have not received any compensation or products. I'm simply giving a review of an item I purchased of my own accord. 

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