June 25, 2014

H&M Haul

There are so many gorgeous home decor items and textiles at H&M right now, I'm surprised I haven't seen them everywhere.
I thought I'd share my recent purchases because the price and quality are unmatched.
PS. I'm not affiliated with H&M, all thoughts are my own and purchased on my own accord.

First up, Curtains! I saw these curtains and immediately thought of my son's room. He has some pinstriping on his bedspread and I thought this would match beautifully. Then, I saw how long they were, 98 inches! Wow, these are tall curtains for only $17.95. My kitchen needs some summery curtains and I thought I'd try them in there first and then if they didn't work I could always use them in my son's room.

I love the light they bring in and that I can hang them at the top of the wall. I'm not sure about all the words and I'm afraid the lines and color make it look a little like Alcatraz. What do you think? I have a 4th panel, that I am thinking of making a valance for over the sink. I just haven't made up my mind on these yet. The placemats in the picture are also from H&M, love love love these. They were only $5.95 for a 2 pack. HERE
I also found this sweet basket that matches the placemats.
At only $5.95, it's perfect storage for the kitchen. Right now it's holding my bread. They also have linen baskets that are absolutely adorable but a little more money, $12.95. 
This Tea towel  is on sale right now for $3. It is HUGE. I think I am actually going to frame this in my kitchen somewhere. It's such a neat piece. 
This pot holder  comes in a 2 pack on sale for $3!! Can you believe it? These will be in my kitchen all summer long. I love bunnies. 
I saw this wooden box and knew exactly what I was going to use it for, TEA! I love the rustic look and you can't beat the lettering on the sides. The box was $14.95 and it also comes in white. 

Now we move into the living room. Pillows!
I got these two adorable grainsack like pillows to decorate my formal living area. 
This Earl Grey Pillow cover, I had to purchase. I'm a tea drinker and I love linen. This is two of my loves together. The pillow cover was $17.95 and worth every penny. It's so soft. It looks and feels vintage.
The Flour pillow cover is made of cotton. It's colors pop but it's not as soft as the linen pillow cover. But for only $5.95, it's a steal. 
Believe it or not I actually bought a few more things from H&M for my daughters room. You'll have to stay tuned for that haul. 
Let me know what you think of the curtains in the kitchen or recent purchases you have made at H&M. I would love to hear from you. 


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