June 10, 2014

The Midas Touch- Gold tables

I've recently become obsessed with gold. As mentioned in an earlier post, I'm slowly adding gold pieces in to my home. Well, I've since jumped in to the deep end and am immersed in it. I saw these tables on Target.com. I loved their form, but not their color.
 Southern Enterprises Distressed Metal Sofa Table - BlackSouthern Enterprises Distressed Metal End Table - Black
I wanted some vibrant airy furniture that would stand out. I decided to order the tables (they're only available online), and paint them myself. They are 20% off right now. Here is how I turned them into gold:
First, I had to pick out the right gold spray paint. I've already painted a few items gold but since my husband was partial to the Valspar and I liked the Rustoleum, I thought I would swatch them. I still liked the Rustoleum spray paint, it looks like a true gold. The Valspar has a bit of a bronze tint to it. Where I live, this Rustoleum spray paint was only available at Home Depot. I bought 2 cans (I already had 1/2 can at home). I also had previously purchased this Rustoleum Clear coat of spray paint. The clear coat helps to seal the gold paint. I removed the glass shelving and started painting. It was a little difficult painting the tables since it was windy that day. I should have waited but I'm not a very patient person. 
Here is one of the tables after the first coat. It already looks gorgeous. 
I had to do three coats of gold to have a solid application. I used all of the gold spray paint that I purchased to paint both tables. After the last coat of gold dried, I lightly coated the tables with the clear spray paint. I still have about half a can of this glorious stuff. I have to mention that the clear coat did dull the patina, but it also helped even out some areas. 
Here are my gorgeous gold tables presently:
The "sofa table" which I am using as an entry table.
I like Jacqueline Kennedy Books. :)
A close up of the side table. 
These tables turned out a lot better than I had hoped. I'm so proud of them. I look forward to decorating them during the holidays. I'll keep you posted on how they hold up. I also found the sofa table on Overstock HERE. As usual though, it's cheaper at Target and because I have a Target red card I got an additional 5% off and free shipping. I love that card. PS. it's not a credit card, it's more of a debit card since it comes directly out of my bank account. I thought I'd let you know since it's a pretty good deal. 
*I am NOT affiliated with Target. 


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