July 7, 2014

80's Rainbow Birthday Party

My daughter has turned 4! I can't believe she is going to be attending preschool this autumn. Wow, they really do grow up fast.
I thought I would share some of the party pics, tips and products I used for my daughter's birthday. I hope you like rainbows. :) Honestly, I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do this year. It was between 5 different themes and I ended up going with almost all of them. My daughter loves Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony & Hello Kitty. I decided to mix all of these together in one big 80's Rainbow party. We even wore sideways ponytails! It was really fun to decorate for and I felt a little more freedom than I usually do with a birthday theme.
Tada!! The tassel garland was recycled from last year. The letter L was from her room and I dressed it up with some rainbow washi tape I found on Groopdealz. She loved all the decorations. I usually start to put up the decor the week of, just so I can figure out where everything is going and if I need more. Plus, it gives the kids more time to enjoy the decorations. 

All of the Hello kitty items I found at Target or the Dollar store. Talk about Score! The vintage balloons on the 2 tiered basket were an Etsy find. I bought popcorn from the Target concession stand (2 large bags, $2!), cheap and delish! 

I found some vintage Rainbow Brite napkins on Ebay. The rainbow pitcher I found at Target for $5! It's supposed to be for a lemonade stand. We are going to be using this pitcher all summer. 
The orange cups, I had leftover from Halloween last year. I found some rainbow stickers and decorated them to give a more custom look. 
The Rainbow Brite backpack (Christmas Present) and the rainbow cup above were purchased from Spencers. 

I thought this was a fun idea, have a rainbow in chalk on the porch.....but it ended up being more trouble than it was worth since it was traipsed through the house. :( Fail!

^ The Light above the table, I wrapped washi tape around the rim. If I find some beautiful Christmas tape I just might do this again. It looked adorable. I always wondered what people did with washi tape and now I have so many ideas. Once you get some you can't live without it. 

The Cake! It had to be a Large cookie cake with M&M's and rainbow icing. I think the cake was my favorite part. 

The Birthday girl! I made the My little pony decal and printed it on iron on paper (remember you have to reverse the image to transfer correctly). Simple and easy. As gifts to the guests, I made each of them a pony shirt with their name on it to take home.
One of the most fun parties I have ever thrown.
What are your favorite Girl party themes? Have you used washi tape on something unexpected? What was your favorite Birthday? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. OMG!! Such an adorable birthday party. The arrangements are just elegant. The decor ideas are great. It reminded me of a birthday party that was arranged at one of Seattle venues, it was a princess themed party where I found everything amazing. Enjoyed the day a lot.