July 30, 2014

Door Drama

I don't really know where to begin.......so much has happened with this door. If you haven't yet, please read my previous post on why we are replacing our front door in the first place.

From previous personal experience I thought it was going to take awhile to get this door installed. To my surprise, they were able to install the same day they had called me to schedule. It was marvelous and lucky. I was actually planning on painting the door that day....if I had already started they wouldn't have been able to install it. I had picked my door up myself a few days earlier from Lowes, thinking I could paint it before the installation. I do have to note, when I ordered the door I wanted a smooth surface but it only came in wood grain. :(
The same day it was installed, I was expecting to get my special paint "Fine Paints of Europe" in the mail. I was the first appointment of the day and so by the time they were finished I figured I could use my paint & primer in one and at least prime the door before my special high gloss paint came in. I primed the door within an hour and it was looking great.

Then my special paint came in. I was so excited. It was so hot outside my prime coat already dried so I figured.....why not finish painting? I already had the door taped up and all the supplies out, so I went at it.
The paint was very difficult to lay on. To put it mildly, it was a very sensitive paint. It showed every stroke. I used a roller for the large areas, big mistake. After I finished painting it.....it looked like this:
You can see strokes and variations in color. It wasn't very pretty. I went to bed that night thinking if I should add a second coat or try another paint. Well, in the morning my decision was made for me. The paint was peeling off the door. It was like gel nail polish. I was appalled. I didn't know what went wrong. I decided to go to Sherwin Williams where I know they know paint. 

I explained to the nice young gentlemen there our dilemma. He said that the paint and primer in one is supposed to be used on top of paint (mistake #1). He also said that the part of the day I was painting was the hottest and worst part of the day to paint, it being 5pm facing west (mistake #2). Also I shouldn't use a roller on the door only a synthetic paint brush (mistake#3), which I figured out pretty quickly after. Towards the end there he was just laughing at me. I was able to laugh at myself too. 
So, we purchased their Multi purpose Latex primer tinted a dark gray, a new synthetic paint brush and another black paint called Tricorn Black. 

My husband went to Lowes and bought some Jacso multi purpose Spray remover to take off the remaining of the paint (this process took us 2 days). It was painstaking. The spray we used is very acidic you have to wear gloves and even then sometimes it would burn through. If you ever have this problem you might also want to try ice cubes. I know it sounds weird but it cools off the paint enough to where you can actually peel off large pieces. We soaped up the door and cleaned it up and started all over again. 
Above is a picture of the Sherwin Williams primer and The "Fine paints of Europe" swatch on top and the Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black on the bottom. 
Here is a closer look of the two. The safe bet would be to go with the Tricorn Black. But I just loved the high gloss of the "Fine Paints of Europe." I called Sherwin Williams to make sure I could paint my oil paint over their acrylic primer and they said it was fine. 
It went on like butta......at first. I did the bottom starting with the panels and then moved up as I have read in every blog on the internet. By the time I got up to the top of the door, I started having problems. The paint got thicker. I tried putting a fan on the door to keep it cool and I also stirred the paint which helped a lot. But it was a bit gloopy. I worked in small sections taking big strides, trying not to make any beginning or ending marks. 
After I painted the whole door, I noticed what I can only describe as waterfalling. It's not drips but a multiple line of drips, making a waterfall like pool. I tried everything I could to smooth them out but not much helped. 
By the way, my husband thought of the trash bag taped to the frame idea to keep heat and bugs out. He is so handy. Anyway, Here is the door finished. It was still drying at this point and so it looks a bit more harsh. 
This is the door pretty much dry. I tried to hang a wreath up, thinking it was completely dry after 24 hours but it wasn't. Some of the paint slid off. :( I swear nothing has gone right with this door. I'm not sure about it, honestly. The high gloss is really cool but I'm not sure it's good for this door. 
I think I'm going to leave it for awhile and see how it looks in a week. Plus, I'm tired of painting this door. This is only one side. I still have to paint the inside. 
I'll let you know if I decided to paint it or leave it. Until then, I thought you all could benefit from my mistakes. 
Let me know what you think and if you have any tips on painting fiberglass doors with high gloss paint. 
As always, 

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