July 22, 2014

So many Projects, so little Time.

I'm currently working on three projects and none of them are complete. I thought I would share one project since it seems it's been years in the making......
You have no idea how excited I am about this. When we purchased our house in 2008 it had a wood door that was falling apart. We decided one of the first things we wanted to do was replace it. We found this gorgeous craftsman door at Home Depot. It was pretty pricey too, but we felt it was worth the investment since it was solid mahogany. Fast forward a year later and I noticed a crack. Wow, already this door can't stand the heat. Our house faces West and since the door we replaced was wood, I didn't think anything of it. Now our solid mahogany door is flaking at the bottom and still has that noticeable crack and sometimes it's very hard to open and close the door. It just needs to be replaced with a door that can stand the heat. We chose a fiberglass door.

Now, the reason why it's taken so long......I didn't want a regular 6 panel door. I wanted something a little different. You won't believe how hard it is to find a 2 panel door in fiberglass. Last year we thought we had found it at Lowes. After we paid to have an installer come out and give us a quote, Lowes called us and said unfortunately the two panel door does not come in fiberglass, only steel. After that frustrating phone call we gave up for a little while. I was in Lowes recently and inquired about the two panel door and low and behold it now comes in fiberglass!! We ordered that puppy and it's sitting right now in our living room.

The installer is supposed to call us soon to schedule, so I will keep you updated on that.
I picked up the door, (usually the installer does) because I am going to paint it myself. It costs a lot to have them paint it at the factory. I wanted a more custom paint color.
I found this gorgeous picture on, you guessed it: PINTEREST!
Doors Paint Gallery Photos
Fine Paints of Europe
I have never seen high gloss like this on a door. You can literally see a reflection of yourself in the door. It looks like patent leather. The Fine Paints of Europe is a little expensive, with just over a quart costing $60. I am doing a base coat with a less expensive paint (Olympic Black Magic). I figured I could splurge on the top coat and get something spectacular. I can't wait to get this paint in the mail. The paint is made in Holland and then imported to the UK. They use it on a lot of historic homes there. Lovely.
When everything is finished and installed I'll be sure to do an updated post. Until then, I need to get back to my other projects. So, keep an eye out for some great DIY's coming your way soon.


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