August 7, 2014

Decorative Bowl Makeover

 I can't wait to show you this little project. I'm so happy with how it turned out.
I've been looking for a wood bowl at stores and on Etsy, sort of a catch all bowl if you know what I mean. Just a place to put keys, coins etc.
I was at Marshalls recently and happened upon this gorgeous blue bowl.
For only $6.99 it was a steal and more than what I was looking for. I love the dark cobalt glazed blue on the outside. It matches my living room perfectly. The inside of the bowl is a natural wood color. 

I knew exactly how to make it pop....GOLD!
I just can't get gold out of my mind lately...I know, it's getting to be an obsession. 
So I had a can of the perfect gold spray paint laying around: Rustoleum Metallic Gold
and went at it. I didn't even need to prep or prime it first. 
I used my trusty frog tape to make sure it didn't spread to any of the blue on the outside of the bowl. This project literally took fifteen minutes. Don't you love DIY's like that? The Frog tape worked perfectly, no runs or problems. There was a crisp clean gold line around the entire bowl. I'm so happy with how this project came together. I couldn't be more pleased about this little bowl. It's the little things in your house that make it a home, don't you think? 
Here is a picture of the after:

I've already received a few compliments on the bowl. People are surprised that it was even painted, let alone $6.99! I hope you liked this post. I would love to share more of these small project with you. Leave a comment if you have tackled a similar project or have some decorative bowls in your home that you love. 
As  always, 

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