September 24, 2014

Fall Festiveness

In Texas it is 86 degrees outside, hardly fall weather. I usually like to wait until October to bring out all of my fall decor but I got too excited & had to put it out early this year. I'm going to wait until October to start bringing out my Halloween items though.
So on to the tour.......
The above wreath was from last year, as some of you may remember. 
 There are no longer blue plates on my wall. I saw these platters from Decor Steals and had to buy them. I've been looking for something a bit more neutral that can change with the seasons and this fits the bill. 
 I plan on adding my house numbers to the large platter (with the wreath). I love personalizing items like that. As many of you know I will probably change this arrangement a week after I post this but I thought this was very simple and festive.
The wood box made previously this year decorated with small fall pumpkins, love!

 This mantle is pretty bland but I'm not finished with it yet. I need a week or two to mill it over. I will post pics when I'm finished, I promise. 
 I made this wreath in 15 minutes. I used an 18" straw wreath, 3 spools of wide black ribbon and a small remnant of chevron burlap. I bought some potpourri at Kirklands that had this rose in it and I just pinned everything on. It would be so easy to change this wreath out for Halloween or start all over with something else. I love projects that are inexpensive, easy and interchangeable.

 Target has brought back their $3 straw pumpkins (in the $1 section). I bought some for me and some for my Mom. I plan on keeping some natural and spray painting a few with gold. I did this last year with the pumpkin above and it looked like spun gold. Gorgeous! 
The front of our house. A BIG post to come about white washing all the brick on our house and painting the trim and siding. So, for now you get this sneak peek. You can also see a project in the making....Pavers! 

One of our summer projects. It was hard labor intensive work but well worth it. We used to have holly bushes that were original to the house that I hated. We got rid of them and redid this entire flowerbed. I had to painstakingly spray paint every stone to match the color of our house. Needless to say we've only done one side of the yard....and not even that. I got poison ivy just as we about to finish this side and that's where it has stopped. I will also be doing a post on this soon as well, when it's finished. 

I hope you enjoyed this small tour of our house. 
Happy Fall Y'all!

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